The boys are back in ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip’

One of the most successful family movie franchise, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” presents a new road to chip in the latest kiddie and family adventure movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip bringing in a mix of the new and classic Chipmunks’ mischievous humor and heartwarming moments that fans adore about the franchise.

In the latest movie, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip,” Dave’s (Jason Lee) career as a musical artist manager has taken off, thanks to the Chipmunks. He also has an exciting new client – a rising young pop star, named Ashley, played by actress/singer/author/model Bella Thorne (“My Own Worst Enemy,” “Shake It Up”). Despite her popularity, Ashley has remained “sweet and down to earth,” says Thorne.  For example, she notes, “When we meet Ashley, she’s being stormed by paparazzi, but she makes sure that the ‘Munks aren’t trampled.” Ashley also provides emotional and musical support to the ‘Munks when they reunite with Dave in Florida.


While Dave is busier than ever, he has opted to temporarily sideline the boys, so they can live as “normal” a life as possible. “Dave is bit more comfortable with the idea of everything being as normal as possible,” says Lee. Dave is also becoming more of a parent to the boys, a big step forward from serving as their beleaguered guardian. “The parenting moments are important to the evolution of this franchise,” notes Becker.

But in the Seville/Chipmunks household, striving for normalcy, and actually achieving it are, well, a continuing challenge.  The boys miss their status as pop star icons and aren’t shy about letting Dave know about it.  Moreover, Dave’s frustration with his young charges continues to bedevil him, and fans will rejoice that his signature manifestation of said frustration – a full-throttle bellowing of “Alviiiiin!!!” – will again tax Dave, as well as the Dolby-ized sound system of your local theater. “That yell is just kind of second nature, now,” says Jason Lee, “for me and for Dave.”

Dave’s life takes an additional turn, thanks to Samantha (she prefers “Sam”), an ER doctor (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) with whom he’s enjoying a blossoming romantic relationship.  In fact, Dave and Sam are growing so close that the ‘Munks are beginning to wonder if he’s about to pop the question.


The idea of Dave tying the knot doesn’t thrill the boys; in fact, they fear it’ll uproot their lives – and maybe uproot them from Dave’s home! Further complicating matters is Sam’s teenage son, Miles (Josh Green), who has an instant dislike of the Chipmunks, who feel the same way about Miles.

The ‘Munks quickly learn that Miles is going to be a tough adversary because he can out-Alvin, Alvin. They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip opens January 20, 2016 in the Philippines as released by 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Plus-sized woman finds ‘Relative Happiness’ in new romantic comedy

Plus–sized and 30 years old, Lexie Ivy is a feisty bed & breakfast owner who desperately needs a date to her sister’s wedding. In small town Nova Scotia, that’s no easy task, especially when the most eligible bachelor is Joss, the rough handyman fixing her roof. When Adrian, a handsome and charming guest, arrives and seems to take an interest in Lexie, she thinks all her problems are solved. But she misreads the situation and is soon reeling, believing her romantic dream has slipped away, maybe forever. Lexie then needs to open her heart and eyes to see that love may be a lot closer than she thought.

Every bit as feisty as Lexie herself, Relative Happiness is a romantic comedy starring Australian actress, Melissa Bergland, in a breakout role. The story is based on the best-selling novel by Lesley Crewe. It also stars Aaron Poole and Johnathan Sousa. Direction is by Deanne Foley and screenplay by the team of Lesley Crewe, Deanne Foley, Iain Macleod, and Sherry White.

Relative Happiness opens December 9, 2015 in Philippine cinemas nationwide as distributed by Solar Picture.

Relative Happiness movie -POSTER-RGB

‘The Hunger Games’ writer Billy Ray directs ‘Secret in Their Eyes’

Billy Ray, an Academy Award nominee known for his stirring screenplays of box-office smash hits such as “The Hunger Games,” “Captain Phillips” and “Flightplan” takes director’s seat in Secret In Their Eyes where he has assembled an award-winning cast and for the first time brings together Academy Award winners Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman with Academy Award nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor.

“Secret in Their Eyes” is based on “El Secreto de Sus Ojos,” the 2010 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, directed by Juan Jose Campanella. In the movie, a parent’s worst nightmare happens when investigator Jess Cobb (Roberts) finds her daughter brutally murdered, along with his best pal in the force, Ray Kasten (Ejiofor), the two set out to uncover the elusive killer with the aid of district attorney Claire Sloan (Kidman). Years passed and the killer is still lose on the streets of Los Angeles, beneath the missions, Jess tries hard to cover the pain that has haunted her for years after her daughter’s death.

The movie is also produced by Academy Award winner Mark Johnson (“Rain Man,” “Breaking Bad”) who has known Ray’s works for decades but it’s the first time that Ray and Johnson work for “Secret In Their Eyes.” When they saw the Argentine thriller “El Secreto de Sus Ojos,” neither of them could stop talking about it. “El Secreto de Sus Ojos, is spectacular,” says Billy, “I was completely floored by it, had a reverence for it that bordered on awe. Then Mark asked me if I wanted to adapt it. At first I was hesitant because you don’t want to take on anything that is so great that you feel dwarfed by it before you even start. But I did feel there was an American version of the story worth retelling and exploring.” Every time the pair got frustrated tackling the weighty subject matter, they had an unabashed cheerleader in Juan Campanella, who directed the Argentine film. “Here was a man who wanted to solve a cold case but the reason why he wanted to solve it was not only to find the culprit but to find the root of his own loneliness,” Campanella says. “That to me was very original. Contrary to what people might think, I really like it when somebody takes a piece of work and turns it into something different.” Billy says an impetus for the American version lay in the events of 9/11. ”The horror of that event was so big and so indelible for anybody who was in America at that time. But it created a story opportunity for our movie that no other context could have.” “Billy found a great twist on the story,” Campanella says. “He respected a lot of the emotion of the original but found a very American way of telling it.” Billy admits that he initially thought he was writing a movie about loss. “But it turns out that I was writing a movie about obsession. Stories do that sometimes, they tell you what they are about.

For Julia Roberts the essence of the story is about the evolution of people who were taken off track by destiny. “I was very taken with Billy’s script. I don’t read a lot of scripts that I like and I don’t work very often. But I read this and thought it was truly interesting. “Billy has been remarkable for me as an actor. He’s so available and he’s like Encyclopedia Brown. He knows everything, he’s calm and he’s super-loving. He’s always taking care of all of us in these very fragile scenarios that he’s created. I think he probably feels bad for putting us through all this,” she laughs.

Nicole Kidman says that the plot intrigued her when she first read the script. “Rarely do you get scripts that have three strong protagonists and a really, really strong storyline. I’ve known Billy for a while now and I wanted to work with him and the idea of doing this with Julia and Chiwetel was compelling. “For me writer-directors are the best combination. Billy is so collaborative and he has a great sense of structure and a great sense of humor. He frequently would rewrite or change things a little bit in order to adapt to what Chiwetel and I needed. I call him Professor Billy because he also teaches writing and has so much knowledge of film.”

Secret in their Eyes opens December 2, 2015 in theaters as distributed by Axinite Digicinema.

Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ begins production

Nov. 24, 2015 – Marvel Studios announced today that production has begun on “Doctor Strange,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch (“The Imitation Game,” “Star Trek: Into Darkness”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“12 Years a Slave,” “The Martian”), Rachel McAdams (“Sherlock Holmes”) and Michael Stuhlbarg (“Steve Jobs”) with Mads Mikkelsen (“Clash of the Titans,” “Casino Royale”) and Academy Award® winner Tilda Swinton (“Michael Clayton”).

The film is directed by Scott Derrickson (“Sinister,” “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”). The film will be shot in several locations around the world, including London, New York, Hong Kong and Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Doctor Strange” follows the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions.

“Doctor Strange” is the latest film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase 3’s goal—over the course of four years and nine films—is to introduce audiences to new heroes and continue the adventures of fan favorites.
Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is produced by Kevin Feige with Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Charles Newirth, Stephen Broussard and Stan Lee serving as executive producers.

Director Scott Derrickson’s creative team also includes director of photography Ben Davis, B.S.C. (Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”); production designer Charles Wood (Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”); costume designer Alexandra Byrne (Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”); editors Wyatt Smith (“Into the Woods,” Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World”) and Sabrina Plisco, ACE (“Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium,” “Charlotte’s Web”); and visuals effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti (Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”).

Based on the Marvel comic character who first appeared in “Strange Tales” Issue #110 published in July 1963, Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” continues the lineage of epic big-screen adventures chronicled in Marvel’s “Iron Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” “Captain America: The First Avenger,” “The Avengers,” “Iron Man 3,” “Thor: The Dark World,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Ant-Man” and the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War,” (May 6, 2016), “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” (May 5, 2017) and “Thor: Ragnarok” (November 3, 2017).

Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which opens in Philippine theaters on November 4, 2016, will be distributed in the Philippines by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures through Columbia Pictures. Follow the official social media accounts of Marvel, namely, (FB) MarvelPhilippines, (Twitter) @marvelstudiosph and (Instagram) @marvelphilippines.


WATCH: First trailer for Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’

After reading through the fans’ tweets demanding the trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. decided to give you exactly what you want!

Watch the first trailer of Captain America: Civil War below.

Tensions rise as the world governments demand accountability for our heroes’ actions in the first trailer above, pitting friend against friend.

Opening across the Philippines on May 6, 2016, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures through Columbia Pictures. Follow the official social media accounts of Marvel, namely, (FB) MarvelPhilippines, (Twitter) @marvelstudiosph and (Instagram) @marvelphilippines.