From ‘Heneral Luna,’ ‘Sana Dati’ director comes psychological thriller ‘Bliss’

The teaser trailer for Jerrold Tarog’s latest film, “Bliss,” has been officially released. “Bliss” marks the director’s highly anticipated follow up project after the success of the 2015 historical epic “Heneral Luna”. The psychological thriller stars Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion, and TJ Trinidad.

Produced by TBA (Tuko Film Productions, Buchi Boy Entertainment, Artikulo Uno Productions), the teaser trailer for “Bliss” will be shown in cinemas with another TBA produced film, “I’m Drunk, I Love You.” starting February 15.

“Bliss” is set to compete at the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017. The festival will be held from March 3 to March 12.

“Bliss” is slated for a May 2017 theatrical release.

Best-selling novel ‘Before I Fall,’ now a movie starring Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch, who recently played James Franco’s smart girlfriend in “Why Him?” stars anew as in the deeply touching book-to-movie adaptation “Before I Fall”.

In “Before I Fall,” Deutch plays Sam, a high school student who has everything a girl could want: popularity, a hot boyfriend, cool status, fun friends, loving family and seeming happiness. But beyond the superficial, Sam’s life wasn’t so charmed. She was one of a clique of high school mean girls who made life hellish for those different from them. When she’s killed in a car accident, Sam is forced to relive her last day on Earth seven times in order to get things right. She attempts to make sense of what befell her and gain a better understanding of herself and others. In the process Sam evolves, learns to be a good person and comes to accept her fate.

Based on the book of the same title by Lauren Oliver, “Before I Fall” is set on Feb. 12, which at the high school Sam attends, is known as Cupid Day. With her looks and popularity, Sam has never given much thought to others, especially those not as blessed with teenage good fortune. But on a fateful day, her last, she begins to figure things out.

Sam’s best friends are: Lindsay, the ringleader, played by Halston Sage, and loyal followers Ally (Cynthia Wu) and Elody (Medalion Rahimi). They are the girls who make life fairly miserable for classmates on the fringes, social misfits and anyone not in their elite social set. Their focus is trained on clothes, popularity, boys, partying and sex. Sam wakes up and goes to school, taking in stride the flowers and other tokens of admiration given her and the attention she has grown so used to. As the day goes on, problems arise, but she brushes them aside—until late at night when she leaves a party with her trio of gal pals.

“I think it’s awesome so many women were involved,” says Deutch. “The book was written by a woman, the script was written by a woman, the film is directed by a woman and it’s primarily a female cast. There’s something really special and cool about that. I’m super proud of that element.”

The search for authentic identity is a critical element in the story. “The movie is really about who you want to be before you die,” says director Russo-Young. “It’s the idea of self-determination and that Sam’s struggle is essentially the human struggle to become who you are. Deutch took the film’s themes to heart. “I think the idea is a beautiful concept: What you do today matters. It matters now and kind of into infinity.”

“Before I Fall” opens March 8 in cinemas from Pioneer Films.

Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil return to big screen via ‘My Ex and Whys’

After the successful TV series “Dolce Amore,” Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s love team more popularly known as LizQuen will make a comeback on the big screen in the upcoming Star Cinema film “My Ex and Whys,” which will open on February 15, 2017 in Philippien cinemas and soon in key countries worldwide via TFC@theMovies.

Followers in and outside the Philippines have witnessed how the two Kapamilya stars evolved as actors in their recent TV series. Before the series, they were first paired in the film “She’s the One” in 2013, with Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes. Their first lead film was “Just the Way You Are” in 2015 which was immediately followed the same year by another film, “Everyday I Love You.”

Now, after a year of skipping the silver screen, the love team is back and will star in a light but relatable film which will show how their characters they will portray will be engaged what in the words of Gil, is a “more mature relationship” compared with their previous characters.

Describing their roles, Gil first talked about his character Gio: “I play a playboy who will try to prove he has changed.”

On the other hand, Soberano will portray Gio’s ex-girlfriend Cali. “My character is very modern – a blogger – who is hesitant to fall in love again. She is afraid to get hurt all over again),” Soberano says.

Gil teased that the audiences will surely relate with their characters, especially since most of the scenes in the film are based on stories of real people.

In the story “My Ex and Whys,” Cali, the blogger dreams of being a social media influencer. The popularity of her blog skyrockets after her exchange of messages with social media user @DahilListBoy goes viral. She grabs the opportunity and meets him, only to find out that he’s her ex-boyfriend Gio who has once broken her heart and who is reaching out to win back her heart on purpose.

To have a better understanding of the film’s story, Soberano shares their tactic. “We asked guys about different situations in relationships and why men cheat” she relates.

The film started to grind last year, and some of the scenes were shot in the popular tourist spots in South Korea. This film is under the supervision of the box office director Cathy Garcia-Molina who was behind popular films like “One More Chance,” “A Very Special Love,” and “My Amnesia Girl” to name a few.

Also starring in the film are Joey Marquez, Ara Mina, Arlene Muhlach, Dominic Roque, Ryan Bang, Neil Coleta, Cai Cortez, and Hyubs Azarcon.

As Gio tries to prove to Cali that he’s a changed man, can Cali open her heart again to love and give her old flame a second chance? Find out the answers in the film “My Ex and Whys,” which will soon screen in key countries worldwide via TFC@theMovies: February 16 in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman; February 17 in the U.S. and Canada; February 18 and 19 United Kingdom; February 19 Vienna in Austria; Milan and Rome in Italy, Malta; Madrid and Barcelona in Spain; February 23 in Papua New Guinea and February 24 in Saipan; and March 5 in Hong Kong.