MOVIE REVIEW: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

While it could be difficult to deliver the expectations of fans of the Arthurian Legend, this new incarnation gives a unique tone that has the potential to appear fresh to those unfamiliar with the classic tale of King Arthur.

Director Guy Ritchie gives his take an upbeat feel with a unique atmosphere thanks to a nice blend of medieval and modern music. Its stylish visual is already a given attribute that should be taken into consideration—away from the usual curiosity as to why make a new movie out of a classic tale. Instead of being dull and stale, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is the rock-and-roll version to be curious about.

Charlie Hunnam brings to limelight a massively enjoyable titular lead as his character’s adventures into becoming a king rolls up with much fun and spirit. On another hand, Jude Law is your regular antagonist who will do everything to get into the way of the protagonist. Their clashes in the story are just exciting to watch with all those great visual effects and fast-paced action sequences. Whenever the camera relies on actual fight scenes, the suspense materializes as believable as could be.

The plot is simple enough to be set aside in order to concentrate more on the elegance of the sets. Arthur wants to exact revenge on Vortigern who became king after killing the former’s parents. The legend says that he should pull the sword from the stone and so he does—moreso with grandness and adrenaline. After gathering up a crew, he is able to move forward and fight with Jude Law’s fierce Vortigern.

And what could be any more interesting than to see how he becomes the king as we know it.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is now playing in Philippine cinemas as released and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.