‘Never Not Love You’ trailer hits 2 million views in 27 hours on Cinema Bravo

The new Jadine movie ‘Never Not Love You’ has already reached 2 million views on Facebook via Cinema Bravo in just 27 hours.

As of 6:40 PM today, March 16, the trailer for Antoinette Jadaone’s latest romantic film has passed the 2 million mark in terms of Facebook views, with more than 83,000 reactions and 65,000 shares, a day after its release.

On Twitter, the hashtag #NeverNotLoveYouTRAILER is still being talked about while #NeverNotLoveYouIn15Days is top trending in the Philippines.

‘Never Not Love You’ tells the story of Gio (James Reid) and Joanne (Nadine Lustre) whose young, carefree, and reckless love ends when their dreams take different paths and their life choices tear them apart.

Released by Viva Films, ‘Never Not Love You’ opens Black Saturday, March 31, in Philippine cinemas. Watch the full trailer here:


  1. Woooow! Phenomenal ang sampal ang sagutan grabe I can’t wait to watch this JD Movie NNLY interesting career or lovelife 😉 I’m curious how and what they gonna end up too;) 😭


  2. gustong gusto ko to d max kaya lang i have noticed parang kulang s suklay ang buhok ni nadz lalo sana cia ganda s film kung nag ayos p ciya ng hair nya ung gaya sa mga shows nya


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