‘One Great Love’ review: Unexpected twist of love and heartbreak

One Great Love propels love-hate feels with an amazing story played out by remarkable performances of Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo, and JC De Vera.

‘One Great Love’ revolves around the story of Zyra Paez (Kim Chiu), whose relationship with Carl Mauricio (JC de Vera) has failed. She decides to give their relationship one more try but soon finds herself filled with doubt over her life choices. It then makes her life both happy and sad. The situation gets even more complex when her best friend Ian Arcano (Dennis Trillo), a heart doctor, who later becomes her confidante, leaves to decide if he indeed is ‘the one’ for her. It’s a story of how a relationship works and how to find the meaning of one great love.

The film intends to help the viewers understand what one is willing to do when it comes to love. It shows the struggles of characters who are willing to take risks just to be with the ones they consider as their great love. The story is mixed with a lot of twists and hugot, to which viewers can relate. It’s surprising to see unexpected turns which are not apparent in any of its trailers.

Supporting the three lead stars are are some notable characters. There’s Dante (Eric Quizon), Zyra’s father, who has never gotten over his one great love, but soon discovers a second chance in love through Annie (Niña Dolina), his second wife, who is also a firm believer that there is such a thing as ‘one great love.’ Jemi (Miles Ocampo) is Zyra’s practical-thinking sister who challenges the latter’s view on love. Then there’s Bryan Gomez (Marlo Mortel), a loving guy who falls in love with Jemi.

Writer Gina Marissa Tagasa and director Eric Quizon are able to collaborate in weaving an accessible love story geared to stir emotions from start to finish. There are many scenes filled with kilig feels and there are those that would make you switch on which of the two guys to root for—all of which are cleverly framed by the film’s director of photography, Mo Zee. Plus, its choice of theme song, “Dating Tayo” by TJ Monterde (which is personally handpicked by Kim Chiu herself), matches the overall atmosphere of the movie.

Kim, Dennis, and JC level up there acting skills as they relay believable performances.

Kim has gone a long way and has finally veered from her usual antics by having a more mature portrayal. She had a couple of love scenes with Dennis and JC respectively—something fans could look forward to watching out for. In an interview, Kim confessed that she found it very challenging to pull off these scenes. It’s good to see that the final product has shown her versatility as an actress.

Her screen partners have different approaches. Dennis leaves a solid impact amidst his minimalistic approach. He connects well with Kim and forms a remarkable chemistry with her on screen. On another hand, JC plays well as a ‘good’ looking guy, despite my uncomfortable feeling with the choices made by his character.

Regal Entertainment’s ‘One Great Love’ is easily an entertaining entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival with its relatable stories of love and heartache.

4 out of 5 stars

One Great Love is produced and distributed by Regal Entertainment Inc. Starring Dennis Trillo, Kim Chiu, JC de Vera, Marlo Mortel, Miles Ocampo, Niña Dolina, and Eric Quizon. Written by Gina Marissa Tagasa. Directed by Eric Quizon.

‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ review: Hide-and-seek made fun and romantic

The Girl in the Orange Dress has all the kilig feels with Jessy Mendiola’s comeback on the big screen via first ever teamup with Jericho Rosales.

‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ tells the story of Anna Villegas (Jessy), who is captured in a short video as she is being carried into a hotel by celebrity heartthrob Rye Del Rosario (Jericho). Her face is not shown in the video and the only distinction is her orange dress. She wakes up in the bed with him but does not realize until later on that she would be caught up in a whirlwirl of intrigues in the world of showbiz.

The rabid supporters of Rye, including Anna’s best friend Kakai (Ria Atayde), become so curious and crazy into knowing who the girl in the orange dress is. Clueless about Anna’s identity, Rye can’t get his mind off her and offers to help in escaping the paparazzi. Anna and Rye then set themselves in a fun-filled hide-and-seek with the paparazzi, the scoop-hungry reporters (Cai Cortez, Juan Miguel Severo, Nico Antonio, Via Antonio, Kaladkaren, and Tuesday Vargas), as well as the outside world.

Jessy Mendiola plays Anna in THE GIRL IN THE ORANGE DRESS.

The film depicts the exciting (and sometimes crazy) lives that celebrities go through and how Anna and Rye—despite their feelings—overcome the challenges that fame brings to their relationship.

Writer-director Jay Abello created a very relatable and highly entertaining film that intends to keep a smile on the audiences’ face from start to finish. This romantic comedy entry to the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival is something a lot of fans could enjoy as it tells a story that is simple yet exciting. The romance between a celebrity and an ordinary girl is superbly written with a tasteful and sensible storyline. Plus, the theme song “We & Us” by Moira dela Torre makes the overall mood charming.

Jericho Rosales plays Rye in THE GIRL IN THE ORANGE DRESS.

An outstanding cast keeps ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ moving. Jericho is believable as a big-time celebrity who is trying to get the best taste of a normal life. One can really feel that he had fun portraying his character. Jessy, on the other hand, beautifully breathed life unto her character as a conservative, mysterious girl,aught up in an adventurous day after spending a night with a celebrity. She remains to be beautiful on screen as her role fits her perfectly (most especially when she wears that strikingly orange dress). The supporting best friends, Sheena Halili and Hannah Ledesma, are equally good and relay strong performances. Special mention goes to Ria in giving a realistic portrayal of a super fan who just looks up to her idol. The paparazzi characters are also funny in their little, special scenes. Also on the table are the celebrity cameos to add up for the film’s comedic love story theme (best one goes to Luis Manzano, Jessy’s real-life boyfriend).

‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ is definitely a fun hide-and-seek and kilig movie to watch this Christmas with friends and loved ones. One would want to see more of these characters upon leaving the cinema with smiles on their face.

4.5 out of 5 stars

The Girl in the Orange Dress is co-produced by Quantum Films, Star Cinema and MJM Productions, written and directed by Jay Abello. Starring Jericho Rosales, Jessy Mendiola, Ria Atayde, Sheena Halili, Hannah Ledesma, Cai Cortez, Thou Reyes, Nico Antonio, Via Antonio, Juan Miguel Severo, Maika Rivera, Kaladkaren, with the special participation of Derek Ramsay, Tuesday Vargas, Maxene Magalona, and Jennylyn Mercado, Luis Manzano, and Boy Abunda.

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What if the park you always imagined came to life? Experience the wonder of Paramount Pictures’ animated adventure Wonder Park, in Philippine cinemas March 2019. Watch the brand new trailer now!

About Wonder Park

WONDER PARK tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.

From writers Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (co-creators/writers of CBS’ Zoo), Wonder Park’s voice cast features Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, John Oliver, Mila Kunis, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Norbert Leo Butz, Brianna Denski and Ken Hudson Campbell.

‘Mary, Marry Me’ review: Fun-filled with love and rivalry

RC delos Reyes puts up the tandem of Gonzaga sisters in a feel-good family film this MMFF 2018 through Mary, Marry Me.

‘Mary, Marry Me’ is all about family and sisterhood. It tells the story of Mary Jane (Toni Gonzaga), and her younger sister Mary Anne (Alex) who is set to marry the former’s ex-boyfriend, Pete (Sam Milby). Despite the initial hesitation, Mary Jane’s commitment to make up to her sister has enabled her to set aside her uneasiness with her ex-boyfriend as she agrees to plan their wedding. With all set for the wedding, Mary Jane has to face everything in spite of her own hesitations, while facing her own issues with her sister.

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 is finally here and ‘Mary, Marry, Me’ brings a lot of fun, love, and sisterly rivalry—bound to touch the hearts of families this Christmas. The film brings real-life sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga in their first movie together. After being visible in guestings, endorsements and TV projects in the past, Toni and Alex are now seen on the big screen. The Gonzaga siblings made their long-time dream come true and give it away to people this Christmas. The product is shy of any disappointment since they really have the chemistry.

Alex Gonzaga, Sam Milby, and Toni Gonzaga in the romantic comedy film MARY, MARRY ME.

The overall feel of the movie is pleasing to the senses. Its engaging mix of humor and drama makes it easy to take while concentrating on the values of family. It is emotionally heartfelt through and through.

The cast makes the film extra special. There’s the reunion of the blockbuster Sam-Tin tandem after 10 years (‘My Big Love’). Without spoiling, Sam and Toni have brought ‘kilig’ again to their legions of fans throughout the film. (It was also during those lovely moments in the movie that the fans who attended the premiere night were cheering the most.) ‘Mary, Marry Me’ is brave enough to present a more mature loveteam, anchored by an ever-versatile Alex Gonzaga. With the support of reliable comedians like Bayani Agbayani, Moi Bien and Melai Cantiveros, laugh-out-loud banters are all around to supplement laughter to the audience.

‘Mary, Marry Me’ is a film to look out for at this year’s MMFF. It touches the heart of the Filipino family and it would make you fall in love with yours more.

5 out of 5 stars

Mary, Marry Me is produced by TINCANp under Ten17p. Directed by RC delos Reyes. Starring Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga and Sam Milby, with Bayani Agbayani, Moi Bien and Melai Cantiveros. Opens December 25 in PH cinemas.