Author: Mr. Brightside

  • ‘Us’ review: Terrifying dissection of duality

    Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is one of those rare gems that feels like an instant classic right after seeing it. The theme of duality permeates all over Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us that even its title serves a double purpose – a noun and an abbreviation for United States (you’ll get it once you’ve seen the […]

  • ‘Billie & Emma’ review: Earnest throwback to adolescence

    Samantha Lee’s ‘Billie & Emma’ neatly meshes different adolescent struggles into something nuanced yet deeply affecting coming-of-age tale. The beauty of Billie & Emma goes beyond being a mere vehicle for lesbian representation. By having teenagers as its leads, the film’s coming-of-age elements stand out, ultimately making the lesbian relationship a valuable supporting player to […]

  • ‘Neomanila’ review: Mikhail Red blurs the lines of innocence and guilt

    If you’re brave enough to be left on a bleak and desolate state, Mikhail Red’s ‘Neomanila’ might just be your form of awakening. I’ve been meaning to see Neomanila since it first debuted in QCinema back in 2017 – the year when President Duterte’s “tokhang”/war on drugs operations are at a peak heat of discussion. […]

  • ‘Captain Marvel’ review [2 of 2]: Unconventional, dismantled origins

    Captain Marvel creatively spins an origin story by reversing the wheels of the classic MCU Phase 1 formula. Fresh off from the monumental showdown of Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel carries a ton of expectations for fronting the ‘strongest superhero’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not to mention that this stand-alone/Phase 1-ish material competes with […]

  • ‘Captain Marvel’: A spoiler-free character guide

    For casual moviegoers, we can’t blame you if you have little or no idea on what’s going on with Captain Marvel. After all, this first female-led Marvel film initially caught buzz during the post credits scene of Infinity War, where everyone just assumed that the said heroine is the solution to beating Thanos. Anyway, it […]

  • ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ review: Half-hearted satirical romcom

    Isn’t It Romantic embraces too much of its satirical elements that it becomes the very thing that it’s trying to avoid. Presented as a satirical take to romcoms, Isn’t It Romantic is supposed to mock the conventions of its genre as meta as it can. In its center is a cynical architect Natalie (Rebel Wilson) […]

  • ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ review: A risky genre-bending exercise

    Happy Death Day 2U as a go-for-broke sequel has a bunch of hit or miss ideas under its belt. The following review contains major spoilers from Happy Death Day and minor spoilers from Happy Death Day 2U. One of Blumhouse’s low-budget breakout films in 2017, Happy Death Day, is a high-concept, black-comedy slasher flick that […]

  • ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ review: A fulfilling farewell

    Concluding with ‘The Hidden World,’ the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ franchise goes down in history as one of the best trilogies ever made. How long does it take to train a dragon? For DreamWorks, it takes three films. Its final installment, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, suggests that the last part […]