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"Cogito, ergo sum"

MOVIE REVIEW: Game Night (2018)

Much like a board game, Game Night throws a lot of curveballs and fakeouts. Every detour is packed with snappy humor. It’s not the game itself that makes every game night an enjoyable social activity. It’s the people who you’re playing with that makes the evening fun, right? And from this perspective, John Francis Daley ...

MOVIE REVIEW: Tomb Raider (2018)

Roar Uthaug’s reboot of Tomb Raider is definitely better than the past Angelina Jolie films, but in the slew of action films, this version feels bland. Alicia Vikander, with her immense upper body strength, mightily carries the film, flaws and all. Here’s the thing: If you have high hopes for films based on video games, ...

MOVIE REVIEW: Black Panther (2018)

Ryan Coogler’s superhero film Black Panther tells a socially-relevant story and breaks barriers at the same time. Black Panther currently sits as the most critically-acclaimed superhero film of all time on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes with 97% (roughly tied with 2004’s The Incredibles) as of writing. Not to mention its current dominion on ...

MOVIE REVIEW: Meet Me in St. Gallen (2018)

Stripped down of unnecessary subplots, Irene Villamor’s Meet Me in St. Gallen trusts its audience to fill-in the gaps (sometimes to a fault) and is anchored by natural acting, profound direction and a consistently improving cinematography. Meet Me in St. Gallen is a story of kindred souls meeting at three different points in their lives. ...