Director’s Club Cinema invites you to go crazy with ‘Unsane’

SM Cinema invited guests to get intimate with Sawyer Valentini and her fears at the exclusive media screening of Unsane, held at the Director’s Club Cinema in SM Megamall.

Against the lush leather seats and delectable snacks of the luxe Director’s Club Cinema, movie-goers were engrossed in the psychological terror that was insanely, ‘Unsane.”

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Unsane is about a young woman who visits a psychiatrist, as she believes she is being stalked by her estranged boyfriend for the last two years. The real terror begins when she becomes involuntarily committed to a mental institution only to find out she’s been followed in by her greatest fear. Drugged and isolated, Valentini starts doubting herself—is everything her delusion?

Amazingly the movie is shot completely on an iPhone. Without compromising its grubby aesthetics and rich still frames, Unsane creates phenomenal tension to disconcert your composure and stimulate your senses as this psycho-thriller movie intensifies the paranoia not only of Valentini but also of the viewers.

If your taste in horror movies is more for psychological terror rather than ghosts and zombies, this movie is right up your alley. Bring your family and friends and test your limits with Unsane, screening exclusively in SM Cinema theatres nationwide starting March 21.

Book your tickets now through the new website, or for an even more convenient experience, get the SM Cinema app. Stay tuned to SM Cinema on facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for more information.

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