MOVIE REVIEW: Katok (2016, CineFilipino)

“Katok” Review
Written and directed by Bob Guarina
CineFilipino Film Festival 2016

Jepoy, a first time beggar for a syndicate, is dropped off in a part of the city unfamiliar to him. He henceforth goes ahead to rap his knuckles on car windows, asking for spare change. Some give him a few coins, one drivergive him a bun, and the rest reject his knock hastily with a knock of their own.

After a day of reeling from rejections, Jepoy sits on a sidewalk, waiting for the syndicate to come pick him up so he can surrender his take for the day. The film ends with one last resounding knock, and everything else is open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Like everything in life, everything is relative. A simple knock can mean anything to anyone, but to a beggar working for a syndicate, it may actually cost his life.

cinefilipino 2016 katok poster

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