MOVIE REVIEW: Luna (2016, CineFilipino)

“Luna” Review
Written and directed by Rae Red
CineFilipino Film Festival 2016

Luna, an eleven-year old girl, has to contend with society’s expectations of what a proper young girl should be. Her school nemesis, Jeff Flestedo, makes fun of her fashion sense. The school prevents her from wearing the boys’ uniform, which she questions since they’re still uniforms anyhow. Add a callous sister and a mother that has a stick up her ass, and her adolescence isn’t looking pretty.

Deciding she’s had enough, she decides to chop off her long, thick, raven locks to spite her mother and everyone around her who try to impose what they want on her.

A film that overflows with rebellious attitude, Luna is sure to amuse people who love marching to the beat of their own drum, whatever that beat may be, and whatever age they may be in.

cinefilipino 2016 luna poster

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