‘Hellboy’ (2019) review: Buckets of uninspired gore

On paper, there’s a lot to like in Neil Marshall’s reboot of ‘Hellboy’ but its haphazard execution makes it feel numbing and exhausting. Neil Marshall’s Hellboy actually does a good job in tempering your expectations as its problems become apparent right from the very start. It kicks off with a clunky prologue of King Arthur,Continue reading “‘Hellboy’ (2019) review: Buckets of uninspired gore”

‘Venom’ review [2 of 2]: Tom Hardy is a fantastic chameleon

Once you realize that Ruben Fleischer’s ‘Venom‘ functions more as a comedy, then good time is bound to follow. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 first introduced ‘Venom’ as an amorphous symbiote latching on Peter Parker’s suit, which causes him to have a radical change in his personality. And with that, we are served with an infamousContinue reading “‘Venom’ review [2 of 2]: Tom Hardy is a fantastic chameleon”