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  • ‘Us’ review: Terrifying dissection of duality

    Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is one of those rare gems that feels like an instant classic right after seeing it. The theme of duality permeates all over Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us that even its title serves a double purpose – a noun and an abbreviation for United States (you’ll get it once you’ve seen the […]

  • ‘Intruders’ offers new home invasion horror treat

    ‘Intruders’ offers new home invasion horror treat

    The home invasion sub-genre has been manifesting itself as a horror fan’s wet dream over the last decade with features like Inside (2007), Strangers (2008) and You’re Next (2013). Adam Schindler’s feature debut, Intruders (originally titled Shut In), is set to join that list and may be the final straw in compelling us to spend […]