WATCH: Rom-com film ‘Miss Q & A’ releases teaser music video

INSIGHT 360 Films has released a teaser music video of its upcoming romantic comedy film—“Miss Q & A: Para Sa Magaganda Lang Ba Ang Love Life?”—starring Kakai Bautista and Zoren Legaspi.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Lemuel Lorca and produced by Chris Cahilig, “Miss Q & A” tells the story of a romantically frustrated pageant trainer and public relations maverick (Bautista) who goes on a blind date with a handsome photographer (Legaspi). The screenplay was written by John Bedia in collaboration with Lorca and Cahilig. 

The song “Halika,” written and performed by emerging recording artist Seth Dungca, became the perfect accompaniment to the teaser music video. The music’s warm and inviting instrumentation, combined with Dungca’s soothing delivery, flawlessly captures the wistful feeling of being in the throes of a new love.

Seth Dungca’s Halika is the official soundtrack of the film

In the music video, we see love beginning to blossom between our two leads as they spend time at a theme park. With each attraction they visit, the sparks that fly between Kakai and Zoren’s characters ignite powerful emotions they hadn’t felt before. 

Cahilig expresses the entire team’s exhilaration in sharing this story with the Filipino audience. “Miss Q & A reminds us that love can happen for all regardless of age or appearance,” says Cahilig. “It’s what makes this film very special to all of us involved in its creation. After investing so much hard work and time in its production, we are incredibly excited about everyone finally seeing the finished product.”

Kakai Bautista and Zoren Legaspi stars in Lem Lorca’s romantic comedy film Miss Q & A

Miss Q & A marks the third feature film from Insight 360 Films. It comes in the wake of Echorsis, an award-winning horror comedy from 2016, and 2020’s Mia, a romantic comedy film with an environmental message. 

Cahilig is confident that the soon-to-be-released film will meet the stringent standards left by its predecessors. “With Miss Q & A, Insight 360 continues its push towards telling unique and compelling stories that Filipinos can relate to. We are very hopeful that Filipino audiences will enjoy this movie just as much as we enjoyed making it for them.”

Seth Dungca’s “Halika” is available for streaming on Spotify. 

‘Harry and Patty’ speaks of Ahron Villena, Kakai Bautista’s not so beautiful love story

How come one love story, that may have a not so beautiful beginning, would become like a fairy tale and end up with a perfect happy ending?

Harry and Patty is a romantic comedy that proves even the biggest lie cannot stop real love from finding its way. The story is about two people who are very much unalike; Harry is an attractive young businessman while Patty is a typical young woman who drives a TNVS for a living; they have different take on love and attraction. Their first meeting starts with disgust and comic misunderstandings but opposites attract and this led them to a head-in-the-clouds romantic relationship. But when everything starts to be perfectly going on its way, someone from their past tends to jeopardize their blossoming relationship. Is it still possible to be real when you are hiding secrets from the person you love?

The film is about how love brings out the beauty in a person, not just physically, but the beauty that emerges from each characters they share the virtue of life and happiness.

At the helm is the director of “Deadma Walking,” Julius Ruslin Alfonso, and writer Volta delos Santos.

Ahron Villena and Kakai Bautista play as the funny and lovable couple Harry and Patty. Also starring Heaven Peralejo, Mark Neumann, Carmi Martin, Bodjie Pascua, Donna Cariaga, Joe Vargas, Lou Veloso and Soliman Cruz, with the special participation of Arci Muñoz.

Opening across Philippine cinemas on August 1, Harry and Patty is produced by Cineko Productions and distributed by ABS-CBN Films through Cine Screen.