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‘Instant Family’ review: Foster parenting on training wheels

‘Instant Family’ shows an up-close and personal depiction of the American foster care system with big laughs and a humongous heart. This film deserves the credit alone for taking a sensitive subject matter without turning it into something offensive, problematic or excessively sentimental. While most films tend to over-simplify the adoption process, director/co-writer Sean Anders ...

Mark Wahlberg stars in ‘Patriots Day,’ based on true events from Boston Marathon bombing

From acclaimed director Peter Berg (“Deepwater Horizon,” “Lone Survivor”) and Academy Award® nominee Mark Wahlberg (“The Departed,” “Lone Survivor”) comes “Patriots Day,” a riveting powerful film based on true events of a community’s extraordinary courage in the face of adversity. “Patriots Day” relives the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing, the tension-packed dramatic thriller chronicles ...

Mark Wahlberg stars in biggest man-made disaster in ‘Deepwater Horizon’

Based on true events, academy award nominee Mark Wahlberg stars in “Deepwater Horizon,” an edge-of-your-seat drama that chronicles the last few hours of the men and women working in the most technically advanced oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The Deepwater Horizon is an ultra-deep-water, advanced oil rig owned by the Swiss company Transocean ...