‘Greta’ review: Menacing mommy issues

Neil Jordan’s ‘Greta’ is a campy psychological B-movie thriller elevated by its A-list talents. If you find an unattended handbag on the subway, what will be your first course of action? Do you ignore it? Do you claim it for yourself? Or do you report it to the guards on duty? For the young waitressContinue reading “‘Greta’ review: Menacing mommy issues”

‘Eerie’ review: Bea Alonzo tries to save an underwhelming plot

Mikhail Red’s mystery horror film ‘Eerie’ loses its steam by relying on derivative jumpscares and ultimately, a run-on-the-mill storyline. Back then, I’m so impressed with Mikhail Red’s Birdshot that I saw it twice in the cinemas. His recent Neomanila, despite my reservations on the build-up of its ending, still works just fine. Needless to say,Continue reading “‘Eerie’ review: Bea Alonzo tries to save an underwhelming plot”

‘Us’ review: Terrifying dissection of duality

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is one of those rare gems that feels like an instant classic right after seeing it. The theme of duality permeates all over Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us that even its title serves a double purpose – a noun and an abbreviation for United States (you’ll get it once you’ve seen theContinue reading “‘Us’ review: Terrifying dissection of duality”

‘Searching’ review: Perfectly-executed digital thriller

You’ll walk away of Aneesh Chaganty’s ‘Searching’ with a brand new awareness on social media exposure. Searching hooks you right away with its 5-minute opening sequence. Shot from the point of view of a computer screen, the film builds a backstory of the Kim family through video clips, calendar events, photos, email messages, etc. It’sContinue reading “‘Searching’ review: Perfectly-executed digital thriller”