Moira Dela Torre ‘chooses to love’ for PLDT Home collab

Fresh from the viral success of the music video of her single “Paubaya,” which features the #JoshLia love team of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, singer-songerwriter Moira Dela Torre presents new song, “Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin.”

Aptly recognized as the most streamed Filipina singer on Spotify, Moira Dela Torre has the perfect Valentine offering in the music video for the latest single composed and arranged by no other than award-winning songwriter Jonathan Manalo. Being the voice for the newest campaign of PLDT Home, she has once again captured the hearts of netizens through her music, lyrics, and artistry.

For this season of love in February, PLDT Home gives substance to the need to choose love in the midst of our problems and life’s everyday trials. #ChooseToLove campaign is not just an ordinary campaign over social media platforms; it also transcends across real-life situations where love must be chosen over fear and hatred.

The lyrics tell much about the significance of love in the time being:

“Kahit na di natin alam ang bukas (Even if tomorrow’s uncertain)
Kahit di sumikat ang araw at bumuhos ang ulan (Even if the sun won’t show, the rain won’t come)
Kahit hindi umayon ang tadhana (Even if destiny does not permit)
Isang tawag mo lang, pupuntahan nasaan ka man. (One call away, I will be there wherever you may be)
Ganyan ang tunay na pag-ibig di takot sa mundo (That’s what love is: it doesn’t fear the world)
Ipaglalaban kita hanggang sa dulo (I will fight for you until the end)
Pag-ibig ang pipiliin ko” (I will choose love)

According to Moira, the song’s message wraps up her goal in writing songs throughout the years. As such, she is more than honored to be selected by PLDT Home to have a collaboration with.

As for music arranger Jonathan Manalo, the primary message of “Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin” is the ultimate power of love that changes and conquers all. He also noted that it puts emphasis on the kind of love worth fighting for.

The song was also co-written by singer-songwriter Trisha Denise. 

Fall in love, not just this Valentine’s season but any day of the year with Moira Dela Torre’s newest music video for her latest single, “Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin,” directed by Benedict Mariategue, produced by Playback Productions for PLDT Home.

Moira Dela Torre sings new heart-tugging single ‘Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin’

This Valentine’s season, award-winning singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre showcases her newest single, “Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin” (#ChooseToLove). She was recently chosen by PLDT Home to deliver the spirit of love and hope and how these two can give the strongest connection to our hearts and lives.

“The message of this song embodies what I have been advocating for these past few years. Choosing love and positivity, and now we made it into a song!” she explained. The new song for PLDT’s latest campaign was written and arranged by no other than award-winning composer Jonathan Manalo, and co-written by Trisha Denise.

Amidst these trying times, anyone can still choose to connect, most especially this coming February 14 — a good time to celebrate love and bring out positivity this Valentine’s Day.

Moira has long since been a household name with her heart-wrenching and mostly life-impacting songs such as “Malaya,” which was released in 2018. Since then, her career propelled and opened the doors to many opportunities. Such positivity and honesty in her songs paved the way for more hits like “Tagpuan,” “Ikaw at Ako,” and “Paubaya,” among many others.

Check out PLDT Home’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel to catch her latest single, “Pag-ibig ang Pipiliin.”

Top 5 Korean series to watch on Netflix with family

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This kilig-inducing show also gives us a fascinating view of Switzerland from start until end. Now that it’s all over, you can binge-watch the entire story on Netflix and see why everyone’s fallen in love with it.

  1. Itaewon Class

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  1. Hi Bye, Mama!

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  1. Kingdom

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The unmissable nature of Kingdom Season 2 will get you hooked for great thrilling action!

  1. The King: Eternal Monarch

The much-anticipated K-Drama on Netflix this April, this tells the fantasy romance situated in two parallel universes between an emperor from a constitutional monarchy who seek to “seal the gateway between dimensions,” and a present-day Korean police detective who wants to protect people’s lives. From the same scriptwriter who penned the famous K-Dramas that you can watch on Netflix – Goblin and Descendants of the Sun – this K-drama will definitely stir your heart and bring you to an all-new level of a romantic fantasy world.

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