Tag: psychological thriller

  • ‘Greta’ review: Menacing mommy issues

    Neil Jordan’s ‘Greta’ is a campy psychological B-movie thriller elevated by its A-list talents. If you find an unattended handbag on the subway, what will be your first course of action? Do you ignore it? Do you claim it for yourself? Or do you report it to the guards on duty? For the young waitress […]

  • ‘Escape Room’ review: Puzzling, formidable survival flick

    Adam Robitel’s Escape Room is an extremely fun psychological thriller that redesigns the modern escape game. Kicking off with a bloody bang, Escape Room opens with a tense and well-executed death trap sequence gone wrong. From there, we meet a struggling stockboy Ben (Logan Miller), physics student Zoey (Taylor Russell), and young trader Jason (Jay Ellis), each of whom receives a […]