Stars of ‘Little Women’ step into their character posters

The stars of Columbia Pictures’ heartwarming coming-of-age tale Little Women are featured in their individual character one-sheets, and the studio has shared them for the fans to enjoy. Check out the character posters below and watch Little Women in Philippine cinemas January 29. Writer-director Greta Gerwig has crafted a Little Women that draws on both the classic novel and the writings ofContinue reading “Stars of ‘Little Women’ step into their character posters”

WATCH: ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ asserts claim to the throne in new trailer

In a history ruled by kings, there was a moment when two queens wrote the future.  Watch the brand new trailer of Focus Features’ dramatic thriller Mary, Queen of Scots starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie.   Check out the trailer below and watch Mary, Queen of Scots in Philippine cinemas March 2019. Mary, Queen of Scots explores the turbulentContinue reading “WATCH: ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ asserts claim to the throne in new trailer”

Critically-acclaimed film ‘Brooklyn’ to be adapted into BBC series

The award-winning and critically-acclaimed feature film “Brooklyn” will be adapted into a television series with the BBC. This is now being developed by the same producers of the movie Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey through Wildgaze Films. Julie Walters is set to reprise her BAFTA-nominated supporting role as the quirky landlady Mrs. Madge Kehoe. TheContinue reading “Critically-acclaimed film ‘Brooklyn’ to be adapted into BBC series”

Winning movie ‘Brooklyn’ features fashion, music throwbacks

Brought to life with the dreamlike shadings of a love poem, “Brooklyn” unfolds in two distinctly atmospheric worlds: one amid the cloistered, muted beauty of Enniscorthy, Ireland and the other in the bustling chaos of New York’s Brooklyn, the frequent first stop of many immigrants to America, starring Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen and Domhnall GleesonContinue reading “Winning movie ‘Brooklyn’ features fashion, music throwbacks”

Saoirse Ronan, torn between two loves in ‘Brooklyn’ movie

In search of a new life, the heart warming movie “Brooklyn” trails the life of Eilis, played by Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan, a young luminous Irish woman who has lived her whole life in tiny Enniscorthy, Ireland – who is swept away to America through the prodding of her thoughtful sister into becoming aContinue reading “Saoirse Ronan, torn between two loves in ‘Brooklyn’ movie”

Winning ‘Brooklyn’ movie tackles life abroad

Ayala Malls Cinemas brings “Brooklyn” this January 27 – a very poignant story of a young woman who dreams of a better life abroad, leaves her mother and sister to a foreign land very different from the culture she grew up in and eventually finds herself torn between two men from her hometown and newContinue reading “Winning ‘Brooklyn’ movie tackles life abroad”

Saoirse Ronan plays Irish immigrant in ‘Brooklyn’

The profoundly moving story of “Brooklyn” about a young Irish immigrant played by  who has already won her Best Actress awards for her deeply moving performance in the movie in recently concluded British Independent Film Awards, Boston Online Film Critics Association, Detroit Film Critics Society, Hollywood Film Awards, New York Film Critics Circle, Santa BarbaraContinue reading “Saoirse Ronan plays Irish immigrant in ‘Brooklyn’”

Saoirse Ronan wins two Best Actress awards for ‘Brooklyn’

Saoirse Ronan, her first name being pronounced as SIR-sha, is currently making headlines after winning Best Actress in two of the recently concluded prestigious award giving bodies – the British Independent Film Awards and the New York Critics Film Awards for her starring role in the profoundly stirring movie “Brooklyn.” Currently a frontrunner in theContinue reading “Saoirse Ronan wins two Best Actress awards for ‘Brooklyn’”