MOVIE REVIEW: Intruders (2015)

“Intruders [Shut In]” Review Directed by Adam Schindler Written by  T.J. Cimfel and David White Intruders is an independent film that was called Shut In when it was still going through its rounds in the fest circuit. It started out quite promising until it deteriorates midway through the end of the film. Anna (Beth Riesgraf) is a singleContinue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Intruders (2015)”

‘Intruders’ offers new home invasion horror treat

The home invasion sub-genre has been manifesting itself as a horror fan’s wet dream over the last decade with features like Inside (2007), Strangers (2008) and You’re Next (2013). Adam Schindler’s feature debut, Intruders (originally titled Shut In), is set to join that list and may be the final straw in compelling us to spendContinue reading “‘Intruders’ offers new home invasion horror treat”