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‘Mary, Marry Me’ review: Fun-filled with love and rivalry

RC delos Reyes puts up the tandem of Gonzaga sisters in a feel-good family film this MMFF 2018 through Mary, Marry Me. ‘Mary, Marry Me’ is all about family and sisterhood. It tells the story of Mary Jane (Toni Gonzaga), and her younger sister Mary Anne (Alex) who is set to marry the former’s ex-boyfriend, ...

Gonzaga sisters set fun, sisterhood, love in MMFF entry ‘Mary, Marry Me’

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 is a few days away and TEN17P presents a TINCAN production that brings Toni and Alex Gonzaga together in their first movie together this Christmas. After only being seen together in guestings, endorsements and on TV projects in the past, Toni and Alex are debuting in the big screen with ...

Piolo-Toni-starrer ‘Last Night’ introduces night romance in local movies

The taste of Filipino moviegoers has drastically changed over the past years, much can be credited to the exposure of our kababayans to the works of different content creators all over the world – may it be in theaters, on television or via streaming. This year, we have seen how “Kita Kita,” a seemingly small ...