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‘Ulan’ review: Nadine Lustre’s best performance yet

In a world filled with hopeless romantics, Irene Villamor’s Ulan encapsulates the meaning of ‘finding yourself before finding love.’ Ulan tells the story of Maya (Nadine Lustre) who grew up believing her Lola’s myths of finding true love against all odds, so much that it came to an extent that she shaped her life and ...

Magic realism, romance in Nadine Lustre-starrer ‘Ulan’

After VIVA Films released the official trailer of Ulan on Friday, 8th of February, the outpouring of support from netizens was instantaneous. #UlanTrailer hit the no.1 spot in the country’s trending topics, followed closely by Maya, Nadine Lustre, Carlo Aquino, and Direk Ayrin – all major players in what already appears to be a much-awaited ...

WATCH: Nadine Lustre’s ‘Ulan’ full movie trailer

Viva Films has just released the full movie trailer for Nadine Lustre’s first-ever solo movie project, ‘Ulan.’ Watch the trailer for ‘Ulan’ below. Mixing romance and Philippine mythology, ‘Ulan’ is written and directed by Irene Emma Villamor, who also hemmed and penned ‘Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story’ and ‘Meet Me in St. Gallen.’ ...