Vic Sotto returns to the big screen in ‘Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers’

Durability. Consistency. Influence. Staying power. For a star to enter the top echelon, he or she should possess such. In contemporary setting, not all showbiz denizens are able to sustain their names’ lustre for long. Only a few remain on top of their game despite the passing of times. It takes charisma, genuine talent and reinvention for one to continuously click with the public notwithstanding the emergence of new faces in the field.

Such is the case of Vic Sotto, touted as the Comedy King of this generation. Over the years, he has already proven his mettle in the different fields he ventured into: from singing, hosting to acting. Remember his VST & Company days where he was the lead vocalist? He is also one of the pioneers of local boob tube’s longest-running noontime variety show “Eat Bulaga” and top-billed one of the most enduring sitcoms of all-time, “Iskul Bukol.”

Vic’s box-office power is unparalleled as well. A member of the formidable trio TVJ alongside Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon, they churned one hit movie after the other. Even when he went solo, his supremacy at the tills remained strong. Actually, Vic’s popularity is phenomenal. Like vintage wine, he gets better and better as days go by.

For more than a decade now, his offerings have always performed outstandingly, ending up as one of the official top-grossers. Unquestionably, Vic’s most successful entry in the glitzy film festival is the “Enteng Kabisote” franchise which in total has nine grand instalments already. The project has successfully established a cult following among avid film buffs as they always look forward to the next sequel.

Vic is happy to breathe life once again to one of his signature roles on screen. “The last’Enteng Kabisote’ movie was shown four years ago,” he says. “To give in to the fans’ clamour since they missed Enteng’s adventures and misadventures, we’re bringing him back earlier this November 30 as part of the Filipinos’ viewing tradition.”

Vic stresses though that this sequel is the hardest and grandest to mount. “People expect that this will be better than the last one. Imagine, we’re on our 10th sequel already so we have to show something new. So when I talked to the team, I told them that we cannot rely on our old story line and antics anymore. Viewers nowadays look for freshness in the material. I’m proud to say that our finished product has that element that will surely delight the crowd!

“We made sure that the movie will have a totally new look. There are a lot of new features in this latest sequel. From the cast to the special effects, I’m sure the audience will love it. Even the younger crop, those whom are called ‘Millenials’, I’m sure they will enjoy watching it since the way we presented the story is very contemporary. There are a lot of scenes where they can relate so much.”

According to the screen icon, even the character of Enteng has evolved as well in the story. “Oh yes! He’s no longer the usual Enteng Kabisote you’ve seen in the previous installations. As I’ve stated earlier, we ensured that he will go with the flow. I can say that Enteng here caters to all types of viewers, from the conservative to the Millenials. They will truly relate to him one hundred percent!” avers Vic.

Produced by OctoArts Films, APT Entertainment and Vic’s very own M-Zet Production under the helm of Tony Y. Reyes and Marlon Rivera, “Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers” boasts of a star-studded cast.

“Joining me here are Oyo Boy Sotto, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros, Bea Binene, Ken Chan, Ryza Cenon, Epi Quizon, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Atak, Cacai Bautista, Simon Loresca and child wonder Alonzo Muhlach. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will also have a special participation.”

The Comedy King is very positive with his new “Enteng” offering. “I’m certain the viewing public will get entertained to the max with the film. It’s worth their time and money. This is my early Christmas gift to all the fans who want to see Enteng Kabisote again on the big screen. This is our 10th installation so I promise them it’s ten times the fun and excitement,” ends Vic.

“Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers” will be in cinemas nationwide starting November 30, 2016.

Vic Sotto is back in ‘Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers’

In the tradition of offering family-friendly fare, Vic Sotto and his Dabarkads are back for another blockbuster fantasy-adventure movie based on the well-loved Pinoy pop culture icon! Kids are in for a treat as Bossing reprises his beloved role as Enteng Kabisote in the latest installment of the movie series titled: “Enteng Kabisote 10 and The Abangers.”

The comedy-adventure movie follows the reluctant hero in his latest fantastical escapade. Through hard work and determination, Enteng Kabisote has used his talent to “butingting everything” to become an ironworks and robotics magnate. Since his last adventure in Engkantasya, he has settled down to becoming a successful businessman, community leader, and a doting grandfather to his cute and bubbly grandchild Benokis, as his son Benok (Oyo Boy Sotto) tackles fatherhood and his duty as a law enforcer. Little does he know that trouble is brewing and he will be called on once again to save the world.

Enteng’s nemesis is Kwak-kwak (played by Epi Quizon), a power-obsessed villain who was booted out from Engkantasya. He has the capability to control minds who has launched a virtual reality game that transmits his mind control to anyone who plays it. The villainous plot is helped along by Bibi, Kwak-kwak’s devoted second-in-command and Bibe, his moronic but useful sibling, along with A1/ALLAN & A2/ALLAINE, the two creators of the viral game app which Kwak-Kwak uses as a channel to spread his psychic powers to control humankind.

To defeat Kwak-kwak and restore order in the real world, Enteng calls upon a team of misfits, who form his Abangers team. They are individuals who have unusual special powers and have been waiting for a long time to put these powers into good use. The Abangers are actually OEWs (overseas engkantasya workers), whose powers Kwak-kwak needs to harness in order to fulfill his nefarious mission.

On his team, Enteng has three inimitable sisters: Nidora (Wally Bayola), a fierce but values-centric granny who possesses an equally fierce loud voice called “The Incredible Voice”; Tinidora (Jose Manalo), who has very quick reflexes and engaging dance moves called “The Flash Dance”, and Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros), a flirtatious hot granny who channels her hot flashes to other persons through her stare. They are joined by Remy or “The Mister Iron”, a tour guide and family guy who can seemingly flatten any tangible materials, Oring, a spunky female fortune teller in Quiapo who can perfectly predict anyone’s future but only for a span of two minutes, Lucas, a muscled handsome guy from Tondo who possesses incredible strength and a high pitched voice, and Bistika, a standup gay comedian who can perfectly blend himself with his surroundings — while doing some pakganern splits!

Will Enteng and the Abangers be able to save the world? Moviegoers can find out real soon. The movie is directed by Marlon Rivera and Tony Y. Reyes, and produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Productions and APT Entertainment.

“Enteng Kabisote 10 and The Abangers” opens November 30, 2016 in cinemas nationwide as distributed by OctoArts Films.

MOVIE REVIEW: My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore (2015)

My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More serves as the reunion project of Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai Delas Alas, comedy royalties who share reputation in the industry as they have both proven themselves as reliable actors in their genre. Initially submitted to the Metro Manila Film Festival as “Romcom-in Mo Ako,” it is first noted with their teamup in itself as one good reason to look forward to a potential, if not predictable, box-office hit.

Who would have thought that along the way, in an unexpected manner, a new love team would emerge thanks to the noontime TV show Eat Bulaga. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s rise to unbelievable fame has paved the way for their inclusion to the movie, granted Sotto’s strong affiliation to the production. With the two young stars included as cast members, the script was naturally adjusted and evolved to My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore (the title referring to colloquial endearment term akin to babe, with the same hashtag as the Kalyeserye portion of the TV program they are in).


Vic Sotto’s Vito is at odds with Ai-Ai’s Cora as they find themselves in a string of mishaps resulting to a rivalry between two families who both run an event management business. The tension heats up when Vito’s daughter Anna (played by Maine in her first movie appearance) gets romantically involved with Cora’s nephew Dondi (Alden).

The budding entanglement between the star-crossed lovers is actively prevented by Vito and Cora, believing that the conflict would simply worsen should such connection remain.

When fate permits the “parents” to have the same kind of romantic involvement with each other, it becomes the role of the young ones to respond to the circumstance. Here and there, decisions are made only to end up with a mutual agreement focused on happiness and contentment.


Under the directorial helm of Jose Javier Reyes, My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore provides the right blend of comedy and romance while making sure that it understands what the audience wants. The technical aspects of the film may not be remarkable but at its very core is its deep reliance to the cliches of Pinoy humor and the traditional antics that perfectly tickle the funny bones. The story lucidly moves with the rom-com formula known to Filipinos–affecting, familial and stimulating–with the use of all the cliches one can think of.

My Bebe Love is not even on a par with grand productions despite having big stars and respected names in the cast. It feels rushed most of the time; however, its simplicity works with magic that everything does not feel like they are just trying hard to finish a movie.

my-bebe-love-07 my-bebe-love-05

Not to mention, My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore is a surprising by-product of the desire to bring joy to the audiences all over the country.  It does not disappoint in dishing edge-of-the-seat romantic moments between each pair of leads and cementing Aldub as a seemingly unstoppable love team–phenomenal for that matter. On that note, it delivers as necessary in a timely season when Filipinos aim to just have fun with their families during Christmas.

Written by the ever-reliable Bibeth Orteza and Jose Javier Reyes, its comedy does not only make fun of its numerous sketches but also highlights some cameo appearances of Eat Bulaga stars, their sons and daughters, and the multitude of product placements in the glorious names of Bear Brand Adult Plus, O+, Glutamax, Nissan, Phoenix Petroleum, Tide, Goldilocks, McDonald’s, TNT, Krispy Kreme, Solmux, Google, YouTube, Google Maps, Kusê, PLDT Home, Cignal, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, b Hotel, San Mig Light, One Esplanade and Coca-Cola.

In My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore, formula and chemistry work well together in producing what’s close to the heart: fun-filled entertainment at its most modest sense.

Jointly produced by film outfits OctoArts Films, M-Zet Television Productions, Inc., APT Entertainment, GMA Films and Meda Production, My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore opens nationwide on December 25, 2015 as an official entry to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival.

Vic, Ai-Ai, Aldub to bring #KiligPaMore in ‘My Bebe Love’

Undeniably the most-awaited and much-anticipated from among this year’s entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More” has got everyone excitedly doing the countdown til Christmas Day, the first day showing of the groundbreaking movie starring comedy royalties Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai Delas Alas, and the phenomenal loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

my bebe love kiligpamore 2

Produced jointly by five giant film outfits OctoArts Films, M-Zet Television Productions, Inc., APT Entertainment, GMA Films and Meda Production, “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More” is written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

The 2015 MMFF box-office race has been sealed this early by early predictions of runaway victory by the entry, “My Bebe Love…” as young and old alike, all self-confessed fans and followers of the box-office king and queen of comedy Vic Sotto and Ai Ai Delas Alas, and the millions and millions of Aldub followers around the globe, have already been flooding social media with their excitement to see the film. The countdown has begun. Movie observers know that “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!” is going to make a killing at the box-office and is likely to set brand new record in MMFF history.

Expect waves of high-spirited excitement, heartwarming romance, wholesome fun, and excellent Filipino values from the movie written by Bibeth Orteza and Jose Javier Reyes to take the holiday season’s film festival by storm. To add to the excitement, Joey de Leon, the “Eat Bulaga” lolas Paolo Ballesteros, Jose Manalo, and Wally Bayola, and Ryzza Mae Dizon, will be making special appearances in the movie.

Vic Sotto plays the role of Vito who finds himself at odds and in a bitter professional rivalry with Cora, played by Ai-Ai. The two are both in the business of mounting special events and productions and have both made a successful name in the same profession. The conflict happens when their respective wards – Anna (played by Maine) daughter of Vito, gets romantically entangled with Cora’s beloved nephew Dondi (played by Alden). As expected, the “parents” actively reject the budding romantic involvement between the star-crossed lovers and willingly struck an unexpected truce to prevent this romance from happening.

The plot thickens when the unexpected alliance of the Vito and Cora starts blooming into something else. Now, it’s the turn of the youngsters to feel disconcerted with the idea of having their folks enter into a different relationship zone. Now it was the turn of Dondi and Anna to react to the situation. They did not like the idea of his auntie and her father falling in love with each other. Now it was the younger generation vehemently reacting to this new romance.

So where will all this end? What are the possible solutions and resolutions to bring closure and new beginnings to these young, exciting lovers? Catch the excitement, the love, the fun and romance when “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!” starts showing on Christmas Day at the MMFF. See you at the movies!

122515 My Bebe Love poster