WPFF 2016 to inaugurate Film ASEAN Knowledge Management Centre

In keeping with the events of the 3rd World Premieres Film Festival 2016, the Film ASEAN Knowledge Management Centre will be inaugurated on June 30 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila.

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The Film ASEAN Knowledge Management Centre is a library on the moving image culture of the Philippines, its neighboring nations, and beyond. It will be a resource hub for those interested in learning about ASEAN cinema cultures, creating access to books, magazines, and a rich variety of resource materials graciously contributed by the ten member states of the FILM ASEAN—Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The diverse ASEAN films gain a special home in the centre, giving scholars and researchers a window into the different societies, traditions, and stories offered. Workshops and symposia will also be held to further develop the cultural exchange of information and skills of the ASEAN nations, helping build proficient filmmakers across the region.

The inauguration of the Film ASEAN Knowledge Management Centre will welcome prestigious leaders of the ASEAN member states into the complex. The FILM ASEAN Library will officially open on June 30, at 10am. This is an invite-only event.

These events are all to bolster FILM ASEAN’s drive to create one international community of forward-thinking filmmakers and enthusiasts from the ASEAN region, with the goal of “One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.”

The Film ASEAN Knowledge Management Centre inauguration is by invitation-only and a parallel event of the 3rd World Premieres Film Festival, a showcase of the works of film directors from across the globe, happening from June 29 to July 10 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila as well as at partner venues SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, Greenbelt 3, the Shang Cineplex, and Uptown Cinemas.


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Comm 110 Ethics 1. BA Film 2. Favorite book: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The parables and allegories written in the novel are timeless and achingly relatable. 3. Favorite film: The Tale of Princess Kaguya directed by Isao Takahata. Concerned with transcience, mortality, and the necessity of endings, the story is masterfully written and deeply moving. 4. Favorite media practictioner: Hayao Miyazaki (film director/animator). His creative prowess and playful imagination is something to be idolized as an aspiring writer, storyteller, and filmmaker. 5. Favorite band: The Strokes. My musical taste has changed ever since I started listening to them in high school. They have also influenced my songwriting and music in numerous ways. 6. Favorite meal: Naan and Curry. It shall remind me of the friends I hung out with during my year-long stay in Japan. 7. Hobbies: Songwriting, Poetry

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