‘American Horror Story’ actor Danny Houston stars in ‘Pressure’

Danny Huston has confessed filming new thriller Pressure felt like an eternity and he couldn’t wait for it to end.
The American Horror Story actor stars alongside Matthew Goode and Joe Cole in the film about three oil rig workers trapped in a diving bell at the bottom of the ocean. Stunt scenes for the movie also involved donning heavy diving equipment to film in a water tank at Pinewood Studios.

Danny revealed: “Everything I loved and like about the script I hated and despised about making it. And although my fellow actors in the film were wonderful I prefer to see them in wide open spaces in the future.

“It was so complicated getting in and out of it, it was this sort of bubble in this tiny little water tank. And then the bigger tank – that was an experience I didn’t want to extend time-wise.

“Those big helmets and get-up are incredibly uncomfortable and absolutely claustrophobic. It’s not like diving where you feel you’re light and free, you’re bolted into this gear, and it takes time to get it off. The water was tepid so you also get hot and the glass steams up, you can’t hear and you can’t wait to get out of that.

“It did feel at times like an eternity. I love the water, I like to dive, even though I surf really badly, I love to surf, but it’s the claustrophobic element that those helmets have which is something I’d really rather not experience again.

“It really was torture!”

After weeks at sea, the men are all missing their families, an experience the 53-year-old actor admitted he can relate to from his many trips away filming on location.

Danny said: “One is removed from one’s normal life and family so I can relate to that sort of longing.

“But I suppose actors are more gypsies – we tend to create our own mini sometimes brief families when we go off to locations, however fickle some of those relationships can be.

“Whenever I leave a film everyone says, ‘Give me your number’ and you hope to see them again, but you usually don’t. I always kid around and say write me a postcard.”

But the Big Eyes star has become good friends British actors Joe Cole and Matthew Goode since working on Pressure.
He said: “I feel like we were in the trenches together, so I know them possibly better than I would wish to, but I feel like I know them well and I see them from time to time.

“Especially Matthew, we’ve become close friends, he’s just had a child and he was working on a film in New Orleans the same time I was doing American Horror Story in New Orleans so we’ve become quite close.”

Opening across the Philippines on October 21, 2015, Pressure is released and distributed by Captive Cinema.

‘Ant-Man’ villain Corey Stoll plays good guy in ‘Black Mass’

He received wide acclaim for his performance as murderous scientist Darren Cross aka Yellowjacket in the superhero action adventure hit “Ant-Man.” Now, Corey Stoll’s new screen role couldn’t be more opposite: an incorruptible federal prosecutor in Warner Bros. Pictures’ new gangster thriller, Black Mass.

Based on a true story, “Black Mass” explores how a deal between ruthless gangster Whitey Bulger (Johnny Depp) and FBI Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) enabled Bulger to expand his criminal empire with complete impunity.

In the film, the sands begin to shift for the unholy alliance between Bulger and the FBI with the new arrival of an federal prosecutor named Fred Wyshak. Played by Stoll, Wyshak is unimpressed by Connolly’s attempt to glad-hand him with favors and can’t be dissuaded by the agent’s double talk about his lead informant: Whitey Bulger.

“The previous federal prosecutor took a more hands-off approach and didn’t interfere with Connolly’s corrupt involvement with Bulger,” Stoll acknowledges. “Then Fred Wyshak takes over the office, and he can see that things are not adding up. Whitey Bulger is supposed to be this great informant, but he’s really not producing anything. If anything, information is flowing from the FBI to him, which is not the way it’s supposed to happen. The first conversation between them is about Wyshak letting him know there’s a new regime. He puts the first chink in Connolly’s armor.”

Stoll had the added pressure of having the real Fred Wyshak on set his first day of shooting. “It was a little nerve wracking at first,” he admits, “but it was also invaluable having him there.”

Stoll previously received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for his performance as Ernest Hemingway in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” His latest film work also includes the thriller “Dark Places,” opposite Charlize Theron. In 2014, Stoll starred in three very different films: “The Good Lie,” with Reese Witherspoon; Shawn Levy’s dramatic comedy “This is Where I Leave You,” joining the ensemble cast with Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda; and Jaume Collet-Serra’s action hit “Non-Stop,” with Liam Neeson.

His other film credits include the Sundance competition film “C.O.G.”; Tony Gilroy’s “The Bourne Legacy”; “Salt,” with Angelina Jolie; Joel Schumacher’s “The Number 23”; and “North Country,” starring Charlize Theron.

Opening across the Philippines on October 21, 2015, Black Mass is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’ scares anew in featurette

Paramount Pictures has just shared a new featurette for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension which may be viewed below.

In the minute-long video, producer Jason Blum breaks down the formula for effective scares and what audiences may expect for the penultimate chapter of the franchise. All the activity has led to this, the final installment in the Paranormal Activity found footage horror series.

Directed by Gregory Plotkin, “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” follows a new family, the Fleeges — father Ryan (Chris J. Murray), mother Emily (Brit Shaw) and their young daughter Leila (Ivy George) — who move into a house and discover a video camera and a box of tapes in the garage.

When they look through the camera’s lens, they begin to see the paranormal activity happening around them — including the re-emergence of young Kristi and Katie.

Opening across the Philippines on October 21, 2015, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

Directors Olson Brothers discuss ‘Operator’ on set

‘Operator’ directors Amariah and Obin Olson

The Olson Brothers answer the operator call! Directors Amariah and Obin Olson candidly discuss their upcoming release Operator while on set.

What can you tell us about the film?

Operator is an action/thriller exploring an aspect of society that is important but often overlooked: 911 call center operators and emergency dispatchers.

The story was compelling for us as directors because of the insight it provides into these unsung heroes, men and women faced with so many crimes and having to learn to deal with these situations as the first response team… and then throw in the thought of “what if this system were taken over by a criminal to pull off the biggest heist of the century?” We thought this idea would be very interesting to explore as a film, thus Operator was born.

Being able to juxtapose storylines (the story of a broken relationship against the primary plot of their daughter taken hostage and the city under siege) proved to be a challenge. Not only did we have to ride the fine line of believability from the dramatic angle, we had to balance it with the action, and meld it all together seamlessly.

Describe the characters–who are they?

This film is about everyday people who get thrown into extraordinary situations. Luke Goss doesn’t play a superhero cop. In fact, he’s just been demoted and is struggling with his personal life. Mischa Barton’s character is a mother, a behind-the-scenes type of hero. Ving Rhames isn’t just the bad guy. He had to play an intense character with only a phone, no other actors to play off of. Michael Pare’s character is a cop that toys with greed and with frustrations that seem common these days.

Audiences will enjoy the various layers that make this high-octane film more than the stereotypical shoot-em-up flick. Suspense and intrigue gets woven through every scene. We try to keep the suspense high and the action well-paced. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. You don’t know who’s in on it. You don’t know what’s going to happen to your favorite characters or the characters that you hate the most.

operator movie call center2

Did the lead actors have a say in the movie?

As directors, we always feel the pressure and urgency outside of the storyline as well; the time and budget constraints can make it very difficult to coordinate the shoot and bring together a team of people who are as passionate about making films as we are. On Operator we were pleased to have the lead actors believe in us, to come aboard, and to collaborate to make a film that will (hopefully) entertain audiences.

Working with an interesting story helps to bring out our passions while we work toward that goal – and we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic crew. Everybody was excited to join the project, whether it was because of the nonstop action sequences (the buildings blowing up, the structures collapsing, the car chases, and the car wrecks) or the complicated and relatable characters.

How was it working with Ving, Luke, Michael, and Mischa?

Ving Rhames portrayed a complex individual. He fit the character perfectly. He’s scary. He’s a big guy with a deep and intimidating voice. He was a perfect villain to be on the other end of a phone line. He was an immense force but beneath that character’s rough exterior is a broken man. His emotional performance brings out the duality of the character and he was fantastic. We were lucky to be able to have him play this role.

Luke Goss was always full of energy. He gave his all to each of the scenes that he was involved in. He did what needed to be done with no question. Run through a fire? Done. Break through a door? Got it. In fact, he did all of his own stunts which added a level of authenticity that can be lost by using stunt doubles.

It was so great to work with Michael Pare. After watching The Greatest American Hero, The Lincoln Lawyer, and The Virgin Suicides, we were thrilled to be able to work with him. He took his character to a whole other level by playing to his complex motivations and background.

It was our pleasure to work with Mischa Barton. Not a lot of people know what they would do in a situation like that: when the people that you love are threatened you will do almost anything, but here we have an added layer of conflict. Save the city or save your daughter?

operator movie boom

Any message for the audience?

When the audience has to pay Php200 for a film, they need to be able to feel fulfilled when the end credits start rolling. If they can feel gratified with a fun, suspenseful thrill ride that keeps them guessing, then we’ve done our jobs.

We want to thank everyone that has been a part of this film. We’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a terrific and talented team. They’ve helped make this vision a reality. We were excited to make Operator and we hope that audiences find it as exciting to watch as it was to make.

Opening across the Philippines on October 21, 2015, Operator is distributed by Solar Pictures.

operator movie poster