WATCH: Angel Aquino, Tony Labrusca’s ‘Glorious’ trailer gains 9 million views in 2 days

There’s no stopping the virality of the first teaser for the upcoming movie ‘Glorious’ as it gained over 9 million organic views in 48 hours since its release last Sunday noon.

Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca are both steamy in the video as they present a complex May-December love affair—a 50-year old woman falls for a guy in his 20s. In real life, Angel is 47 and Tony is 23.

Directed by Connie S. Macatuno and produced by Dreamscape Digital, ‘Glorious’ is one of the original movies to premiere on the revamped iWant online streaming service, which will be launched on November 17 by ABS-CBN. The new iWant application is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Watch the controversial teaser trailer for ‘Glorious’ here:

WATCH: Trailer for Tony Labrusca, Angel Aquino’s ‘Glorious’ reaches 5.6M views in 24 hours

The first teaser for the upcoming sizzling movie ‘Glorious’ has reached over 5.6 million organic views in 24 hours since its release yesterday.

‘Glorious’ stars Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino who has a May-December love affair in the story. It is directed by Connie S. Macatuno and produced by Dreamscape Digital for the new iWant online streaming service, set to be launched by ABS-CBN this month.

It revolves around the story of a 50-year old woman who falls for a guy in his 20s. The teaser showed steaming scenes between Angel and Tony, who are 47 and 23 in real life, respectively.

Stay tuned for ‘Glorious’ and other original films in the new iWant this November.

Watch the teaser trailer for ‘Glorious’ here: