‘Peppermint’ review: Jennifer Garner is one fierce, angry momma

After a decade of ‘mom roles’, the former Alias star still has it in her bones in Pierre Morel’s action thriller ‘Peppermint.’ Looking at Jennifer Garner’s IMDB page, it’s apparent that the action heroine has been pinned to a decade of nondescript maternal roles since 2007’s The Kingdom. Fans (including me) are itching to seeContinue reading “‘Peppermint’ review: Jennifer Garner is one fierce, angry momma”

MOVIE REVIEW: Love, Simon (2018)

Love, Simon is a surprisingly, radically-inclusive coming-of-age tale that wins you over with its universal truths. Love, Simon kicks off with its titular character declaring in a voice-over that he’s just a typical teenager (“I’m just like you”) then the film cuts to a montage that highlights his upper-middle class credentials: his beaming family andContinue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Love, Simon (2018)”

Jennifer Garner keeps the faith with ‘Miracles from Heaven’

The core of Columbia Pictures’ new inspiring film “Miracles From Heaven” is a mother on fire, an impassioned, if constantly questioning 21st Century woman, who never lets up or lets go in her efforts to keep her child from harm. But to get deep into the grit and turmoil of that kind of maternal drive,Continue reading “Jennifer Garner keeps the faith with ‘Miracles from Heaven’”