Zombies are looming in teen horror-thriller ‘Class of 2018,’ starring Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro

T-Rex Entertainment has just released the first teaser for the teen horror-thriller film Class of 2018, which is slated for release on November 7, 2018. (You can watch the teaser below.)

Here is the synopsis of Class of 2018:

When a classmate contracts a mysterious virus during an excursion, students of Section Zamora are quarantined by the military in an abandoned facility. Grade 12 students ADA (Sharlene San Pedro), RJ (Nash Aguas), PRINCESS (Kristel Fulgar), and MIGS (CJ Navato) fight for their survival as they deal with the dangers of the virus and politics among untrustworthy classmates.

The newest project executive produced by T-Rex Entertainment’s Rex A. Tiri, who was behind the hit comedy films Patay Na si Hesus and Deadma Walking, is led by some alumni of the early seasons of the gag show Goin’ Bulilit. This is the first movie together of Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro, and also the first time that they are in a movie with then-co-stars CJ Navato and Kristel Fulgar.

Class of 2018 is co-written by Jericho Aguado, and co-written and directed by Bebs Gohetia (‘I Love You. Thank You.’). Also featured in the movie are T-Rex Artists (the artist management leg of T-Rex):

  • Shiara Dizon (Eat Bulaga’s Miss Millennial Malabon)
  • Lara Fortuna
  • Aga Arceo
  • Justin De Guzman
  • Carl Joseph
  • Deo Francisco

Cast of Class 2018

Here is the full list of confirmed teen cast as of writing:

  • Sharlene San Pedro (Ada)
  • Nash Aguas (RJ)
  • CJ Navato (Migs)
  • Kristel Fulgar (Princess)
  • Kiray Celis (Venus)
  • Michelle Vito (Tammy)
  • Ethan Salvador (Trent)
  • John Vic de Guzman (Jamir)
  • Mark Oblea (Ishmael)
  • Carl Joseph (Donald)
  • Lara Fortuna (Jonalyn)
  • Justin de Guzman (Louie)
  • Aga Arceo (Ericson)
  • Shiara Dizon (Misha)
  • Deo Francisco (Ergoe)
  • Noubikko Ray (Van)
  • Eisen Lim (B1)
  • Kaiser Boado (B2)
  • Jude Servilla (Wacky)
  • Limer Veloso (Randell)
  • Yvette Sanchez (Tracy)
  • Micah Jackson (Grace)
  • Jerom Canlas (Nor)

They are joined by respected artists including:

  • Adrian Alandy (Sir Patrick)
  • Yayo Aguila (Selina)
  • Lotlot de Leon (Carolyn)
  • Dido dela Paz (General)
  • Sherry Lara (Hera)

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