‘Wild and Free’ review: Unexpected and intense love affair

Connie Macatuno’s ‘Wild and Free‘ is not as just skin-deep as its trailer teases.

The trailer for Regal’s Wild and Free promises passionate and erotic scenes that would surely awaken your most basic senses – the snippets are steamy and the onscreen chemistry of lead stars Derrick Monasterio and Sanya Lopez sizzles to the brim. But apart from the physical tension going on, director Connie Macatuno matches it up with a wonderful and intense true-to-life love story.

The film marks a turning point in Ellie (Sanya) and Jake’s (Derrick) passionate relationship when a secret from the past has been led out to the broad daylight. As both sides suffer from the consequences of their actions, the two must learn how to accept and love one other even in their worst moments. The film executes this notion in a way that will resonate most to modern real-life couples.

Above all, this movie is not just about its steamy scenes. Yes, the intensity adds a whole new layer into it, but the film exhibits restraint by knowing where to be gratuitous and where to be conservative, making sure that you’re teased enough to glue your attention to the screen. The scenarios played here are what usually happens to couples. There’s drama – the typical fights and jealousy are shown but they’re never played just for the sake of spectacle. It wants to connect to its viewers, have them react “Uy ganun tayo diba” or “Uy ganun ka diba.” The story may look simple from an outsider but in reality, love stories are much complex than what it is. Wild and Free bares this tricky aspect in relationships.

The performances of both lead stars are all fantastic. Derrick successfully conveys a bold and fierce characterization underneath his handsome and charismatic looks. While Sanya embodies a sexy, strong-willed girl who knows her limitations when it comes to loving someone. For both young actors, this is their first mature movie role, but the way they have prepared for this makes them look assured and spontaneous. Ultimately, the oozing chemistry of Derrick and Sanya makes Wild and Free an interesting and gripping flick for its audience.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Directed by Connie S.A. Macatuno and produced by Regal Multimedia, ‘Wild and Free’ stars Derrick Monasterio, Sanya Lopez, Juancho Trivino and Ashley Ortega. Run time: 105 minutes.

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