MOVIE REVIEW: Chicboy (2016, CineFilipino)

“Chicboy” Review
Directed by Jasper Ramon Tulabot
Written by Jasper Ramon Tulabot and Rona Mae Lallana
Cinefilipino Film Festival 2016

A man wakes up hung over and goes straight to the loo to relieve himself. When he comes out, he sees a beautiful woman he doesn’t recognize in bed, implying that they shared an intimate moment the night before. 

Trouble ensues when the man is revealed to be gay, hence his apparent shock and disgust with the thought of having had sex with a woman. The woman appears to be totally nonchalant about it, and enjoys teasing him in a sultry manner, even inviting him for another round of wanton excess.

As it turns out, he doesn’t even recognize the place he’s in, and calls his friends to query their whereabouts in a very manly, totally un-effeminate manner: telling the audience that he has kept the knowledge of his sexual orientation even from his friends.

With all his discomfort and his disgust, he finds out that he has more in common with the woman than he initially thought after he sees the woman relieving herself.

Chicboy is entertaining with its off-hand and dirty jokes, which albeit too inappropriate for children, can still elicit a snigger or two from a mature audience. The only problem with it is its shallow material; it’s mostly forgettable, and not something that deserves a second viewing.  Not exactly a film that will keep you glued to your seat, in fact, you can just shrug it off and move on to the next one. Pity.

cinefilipino 2016 chicboy poster


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