State-of-the-art Venice Cineplex now open at Venice Grand Canal

The country’s most romantic mall just got more exciting with a first-rate movie viewing experience giving shoppers and movie enthusiasts more reasons to celebrate the season at McKinley Hill’s premier lifestyle destination.

Located at the 3rd floor of Venice Grand Canal, the state-of-the-art Venice Cineplex opens to the movie going public beginning December 3.

Five world-class movie theaters with plush and comfortable seats and equipped with the latest big screen and sound system technology guarantee to elevate the film viewing experience like never before.

Cinemas 2 and 5 will be operating in the Dolby Atmos System, an award winning sound program created to give movie lovers the most innovative and immersive experience in film viewing, thanks to its multidimensional surround sound.

Dolby Atmos creates dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity though 64 sound channels and by strategically placing speakers all around audiences. This multidimensional sound realism redefines the movie experience without distracting from the action on screen, thus making Dolby Atmos theatres the optimal choice in viewing the latest blockbuster hits.

The most striking and innovative feature of Venice Cineplex is its VIP Cinema, a signature of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in its Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown, Newport and Uptown Cinemas.

Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema offers a more premium and exclusive feel, and is perfect for movie dates with its luxurious reclining leather seats. It also offers a butler service that will keep drinks and popcorn flowing with a touch of a button for a more convenient movie viewing experience.

For added convenience, movie goers can also buy their movie tickets to Venice Cineplex at

Elevate your movie viewing experience at the brand new Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal. For more information, please call the Venice Grand Canal Concierge at 624-1971, 09175129934 or send an email to


One comment

  1. Watched Wonder Woman at Venice Cineplex last night, the first day screening. I don’t think I have experienced what was written in this article. On the following points:
    1. Screening time as indicated in the website was at 8:20. In the TV screens at cineplex, 8:10 but we got inside the cinema at around 8:35. When I asked the staff around 8:10 why aren’t we going inside yet, she said movie still ongoing and that they still have to clean up. She even added that 8:20 screening means trailer of upcoming films. I find this really inappropriate since in almost all cinemas I have been to, the time indicated means the screening time of the movie you will watch. So moviegoers are allowed to come inside the cinema around 15mins the least before screening time.
    2. They lack staff. Staff were running here and there, to and fro, apart from attending/answering questions from waiting moviegoers (since everybody was wondering why we weren’t allowed to go inside the cinema yet around 8:10pm already)
    3. Chaos outside each cinema. There were no seats for the waiting moviegoers. Most people were just sitting on the floor which caused the place to lose its class. For Ultra Cinema moviegoers, there should have been at least a lounge to add privilege to their movie experience.
    4. The promised 2 bags of popcorn, water & soda. Who would want to drink a soda that’s not cold? The popcorn was delivered about 20mins after the movie started. And only one bag was given. Again, probably this was because they lack staff. Only one staff was delivering the popcorn to everyone.
    5. Finally, the BUTLER at your call. I tried several times to press the CALL button, and not one staff came to me.

    So, on the overall, I don’t think I’ll come back or even recommend the Venice Cineplex experience. It was quite disappointing.


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