Experience this year’s ultimate barkada movie in ‘Walwal’

Gear up for Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Walwal – the biggest and coolest movie of the season starring Elmo Magalona, Jerome Ponce, Kiko Estrada, and Donny Pangilinan.

Directed by Jose Javier Reyes and with a story and screenplay by Gerald Mark Foliente, Walwal is reminiscent of classic and well-loved Filipino barkada movies, only this time, it represents the relationships and sensibilities of the current generation.

Walwal is derived from a popular slang that millennials frequently used today. The term walwal is believed to emanate from the phrase “walang pakialam” and its closest English translation is “to get wasted” from drinking too much alcohol.

The movie is a centered on a group of four friends – Dondi, Intoy, Marco, and Bobby who have forged their unbreakable friendship in high school and are now sophomores in college. Dondi, Intoy, Marco, and Bobby are bound together by the wealth of their past experiences and their natural love for the good times. The boys share a kinship so close to each other that they will do anything to protect each other as they traverse the most critical period of their adulthood. Unbeknownst to them is that sophomore year in college is a pivotal phase in their lives as each of them will be confronted with a major dilemma that would determine their sense of direction for the rest of their lives.

It should be noted that Walwal marks the very first mainstream film collaboration of young actors Elmo Magalona, Jerome Ponce, Kiko Estrada, and Donny Pangilinan with veteran filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes.

Elmo Magalona plays the role of Dondi, a prim and proper good son who lived his life pleasing the people around him. The emotional anchor of his character was his former girlfriend Carla who dumped him for another guy. Walwal is Elmo’s first movie since the theatrical release of Regal’s Valentine offering My Fairy Tail Love Story which was shown last February.

Jerome Ponce is Intoy in the movie – a good natured young athlete who is aspiring to discover the real identity of his biological father. Jerome came to prominence in his breakthrough role on ABS-CBN’s phenomenal hit series Be Careful With My Heart. He recently starred on ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series The Good Son. Walwal is Jerome’s first film under Regal since he top-billed in the horror flick Haunted Mansion, which was Regal’s official entry to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival.

Kiko Estrada is portraying the heartthrob and heartbreaker Marco whose vulnerable interior is cleverly masked by his tough exterior. Kiko is one of the featured lead stars of GMA-7’s daily drama series My Guitar Princess. He first collaborated with Elmo Magalona in the film My Fairy Tail Love Story.

Donny Pangilinan is Bobby – an aspiring filmmaker who is the happy-go-lucky funnyman of the group. Donny is a certified social media influencer who is currently one of the top VJs of the music channel Myx. Walwal is his very first full-length feature film.

Iconic film director Jose Javier Reyes returns to Regal after he directed 2017’s Our Mighty Yaya. Reyes’ body of work include critically acclaimed cinematic masterpieces such as Batang PX; Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo; Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo; and May Minamahal among countless others. Walwal could be considered as the millennial counterpart of his 1994 youth-oriented movie Pare Ko.

Portraying the boy’s love interests are Kisses Delavin (Ruby), Devon Seron (Trina), Jane De Leon (Carla), and Sofia Senoron (Shelby).

Together, Dondi, Intoy, Marco, and Bobby will give “walwal” a whole new meaning as they define it as means to show each other unconditional support as they face their problems and struggles in life. That at the end of the day, they have each other’s back – kapag WALang-WALa na sila sa buhay, Karamay nila ang isa’t-isa.

Experience the unforgettable adventures and misadventures of Dondi, Intoy, Marco, and Bobby and discover what “walwal” really mean to each of them; and learn from the valuable life lessons that may break or strengthen their friendship as they start their journey into growing up from being boys to men.

Walwal is showing in cinemas nationwide starting June 27, 2018.

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