AQ Prime Entertainment launched: Filipino-Korean streaming platform for 1-peso on first month!

Filipino-Korean Streaming Platform Offers 1-Peso Subscription for First Month!

There’s a new streaming platform in the Philippines! AQ Prime Entertainment is an all-new streaming company that offers original and legacy Filipino movies, rent-to-view on-demand shows, pay-per-view live events—plus, cable channel subscriptions.

Set to go live in June 2022, AQ Prime provides thousands of hours of streaming entertainment on all smartphones and TVs across the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Korea, and North America.

AQ Prime uniquely offers classic Filipino shows and movies, as well as new and exciting independently produced films.

“We are excited to provide Filipinos across the world the most complete access to entertainment content a streaming platform has to offer,” said Atty. Aldwin Alegre, President, and CEO of AQ Prime. He adds, “This exciting undertaking will be aided by multi-cultural partnerships with the Korean entertainment industry and other foreign filmmakers for a unique and diverse programming experience.”

Atty. Mary Melanie “Honey” Quiño, Chief Operations Officer of AQ Prime Entertainment adds, “We are focused on delivering high-quality entertainment Filipino families know and love. With these tenets in mind, we at AQ Prime will also provide a talent development company in collaboration with our Korean film and entertainment partners. Our very own Filipino talents have a chance to showcase their talents in Korean films, K-dramas, and the like.”

As the Philippines’ new streaming platform, AQ Prime highlights topical and compelling content like LGBTQIA+, music, game and talent show through reality programs.

As part of AQ Prime’s mission, it aims to promote and uplift the local film industry. In addition to movies and shows, a subscription gives customers access to pay-per-view live sporting events, shows, and festivals, rent-to-view adult movies, and Filipino independent films.

AQ Prime also takes pride in another platform called Director’s Cut by AQ, which is a separate app dedicated for sexy and mature contents — both teeming with original titles produced by AQ as well as acquired titles from Korea and other territories.

AQ Prime is available this June 2022 on Apple and Android devices, including smartphones and smart TVs. Download and subscribe to AQ Prime Entertainment service for as low as P99 per month through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

ABOUT AQ Prime Entertainment

AQ Prime Entertainment is a streaming company in the Philippines that offers original films and legacy movies, pay-per-view live events/shows, rent-to-view on-demand adult movies, and channel subscriptions in the Philippines and across the globe. AQ Prime presents an unmatched ability to deliver a broad range of compelling content across original content, news, sports, live shows, and festivals, and key partnerships in Southeast Asia. AQ Prime Entertainment is a subsidiary of A & Q Productions Films, Inc. Learn more from our website at





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