Karylle surrenders anxieties in ‘Fine’

At a time when it is easy to be bothered and anxious, singer-songwriter and showbiz royalty Karylle, with the release of her latest indie single “Fine,” reminds everyone that eventually everything will be “fine, fine, fine.”

“I started working on the song at the height of the pandemic, when I would go to work daily and there were no vaccines available to us yet,” says Karylle. “During a ‘Showtime’ production number, my anxiety was pacified when I shared the backstage with Erik (Santos) and Nyoy (Volante), whose ‘can do’ attitude can put anybody at ease, most especially me. That particular moment made me realize that all of us in the show are facing the situation bravely.”

Karylle also admits that the original first line of the song was inspired by the calming presence Erik, and her wanting to collaborate with the Prince of Pop. She adds, “The line ‘I look at you and I know everything will be fine.”

Karylle then realized that after she has made peace with the fact that there is a big possibility that being stuck at home may be the new normal, the universe reminded her that it was time to go back to the real world.

“I let go of all my reservations and flew to the US and be with family,” recalls Karylle. “I am just thankful that I got to re-experience and celebrate that liberating feeling of being worry-free because ‘everything will be fine.”

Karylle’s renewed sunny and quirky disposition, versatility and confidence are in full display in this very special track composed by herself.

The upbeat song reminds listeners that during the more troubling days, “just follow the ‘beat of your heart, beat of the drums… ‘til everything is fine, fine, fine.’”

“Fine” will be available in all music streaming platforms starting June 10.

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