‘Usapang titi’ in new theatrical play ‘DickTalk,’ headlined by Jake Cuenca

There is a new theatrical play that aims to break stereotypes and revolutionize discussions on different aspects of being a man — and even goes into conversations on the male genitalia. It’s aptly called DickTalk, which is bound to be a talk of the town and a controversial production from V-Roll Media.

The provocative play had its stage preview or excerpt night this February 21 at the Mowelfund Dengcar Theater in Quezon City, where the five stars showcased their big talents (pun intended). Jake Cuenca, Mikoy Morales, Gold Aceron, Nil Nodalo, and Archi Adamos each took the spotlight to share the respective stories of their characters. The excerpt show was followed by an hour-long press conference where they were joined by the creators of the play to answer questions about their production and voice out their insights on sex, manhood, taboo, and Filipino culture.

Check out our video coverage of DickTalk’s presscon here: https://www.facebook.com/cinemabravo/videos/1907124789620373

Under the brave direction of Phil Noble and produced by V-Roll Media Ventures and Trifecta Brand Lab, DickTalk will stage ten mind-blowing shows during its limited run at the RCBC Theater on April 15-23, 2023.

Led by a cast of five fearless actors in their bravest performances yet, DickTalk delves into the deep social issues on sexuality and relationships, exposing the complex web of pressures and expectations that shape men’s lives.

Check out these photos from DickTalk’s media night:

Inspired by the 1996 “The Vagina Monologues,” DickTalk presents five individual characters who embody the five unique yet highly relatable stories of men – a teenager (Gold Aceron), a trans man (Nil Nodalo), a sex worker (Jake Cuenca), a metrosexual (Mikoy Morales), and an old man (Archi Adamos). These colorful characters were born from the creative minds of the production’s concept creator, Edwin Vinarao, along with writers Ara Vicencio and Benj Cruz Garcia. The creative team molded each character with relatable experiences in a comedic yet insightful way that will open up a space for men to share their stories and explore the full range of their emotions.

Whether you’re a man, a woman, or anything in between, DickTalk serves as a platform for their viewers to expand their horizons, challenge assumptions, and encourage everyone to join in on the conversation about what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

Buy your tickets now at https://premier.ticketworld.com.ph/, with prices ranging from P2,000 for Balcony, P2,500 for Lodge, P3,050 for Orchestra Side, to P3,650 for Orchestra Center. Be part of a remarkably orgasmic theatrical experience as DickTalk thrusts its way into your hearts (and crotches), cumming this April 2023. 

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