Yeng Constantino signs as global ambassadress of Academy of Rock

It’s a mark of new beginning for Filipina singer-songwriter extraordinaire and pop rock royalty, Yeng Constantino, as she makes a big comeback as a global ambassadress of award-winning music school, ACADEMY OF ROCK. She was formally introduced to the media this week at the Academy of Rock, located at 19 Scout Borromeo St, Diliman, Quezon City. Check out these snaps from the event.

Back in 2013, she represented the Philippines’ then-franchise as the country-exclusive ambassadress during its few years of operation.

Ten years later, with the school’s return to the Philippines under a partnership model as Global Academy of Rock in Quezon City and having further expanded the brand regionally since, Academy Of Rock has once again welcomed her back with open arms, this time on a scale beyond borders.

“The reason why I chose Yeng to be our ambassadress years ago was because of her authentic and genuine artistry, as well as her exceptional attitude that would serve as a wonderful role model for our students. “A whole decade later, those reasons have only deepened and solidified themselves, with her resilience and positive mindset through everything. Our connection has blossomed and maintained over these years and distance and it has been beautiful to watch her grow into who she is today.

“Yeng is more than just a working collaborator – she is a good friend and part of us, and I am nothing but honored to welcome her back to our family,” remarks Priscila Teo, Founder of Academy Of Rock.

Says Yeng: “I feel excited to be an ambassadress of Academy Of Rock once again, knowing that they are a premier music school in Singapore, Philippines and beyond.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with Academy Of Rock with future projects that may include music production, songwriting or even mentoring upcoming artists.

“I believe in the power of music to enhance and enrich any person’s life and I know that it is also at the center of Academy Of Rock’s heart and mission as they train new musicians, songwriters and music producers.

“I am so excited to be a part of this beautiful vision and I am honored to be an Academy Of Rock Ambassadress.”

The award-winning singer-songwriter officially took on her role as Academy Of Rock’s Global Ambassadress during the contract signing last February 27, 2023.

About Academy of Rock

Academy Of Rock is Singapore’s Award-winning Popular Music School. Established in 2007, Academy Of Rock aims to be the leaders in popular music education and to be the main hub for music artistry, education and business. Academy Of Rock strives to cultivate a culture that embraces music as more than just a hobby, but also a viable career path in either education or entertainment. Academy Of Rock prides itself on its holistic approach to its curriculum, abiding by its motto of “Never Too Early, Never Too Late”.

The school caters to a large demographic pool, starting at the age of 3 up to adults, as well as those with different learning abilities, abiding by their belief in inclusivity.

This approach to teaching is accompanied with an in-house developed syllabus, with guidance from UK Specialists in Music Education, and is conducted on a 1-to-1 basis for the best student-tailored and personalized learning experience.

Academy Of Rock has expanded to countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia and Philippines throughout the past 16 years and has attained a myriad of awards, both locally and abroad.

Most recently, the school has made a return to the Philippines under a partnership model as Global Academy Of Rock and is located at Quezon City.

Academy Of Rock has plans for more growth, including further developing its social outreach movements, creating and hosting events, concerts, music education camps, artist training and mentorship programs and expanding the school to more locations within the region and internationally.

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