CineFilipino 2018 bares eight full-length finalists

The finalists for CineFilipino Film Festival 2018 Feature-Length Category were announced August 17 during a press conference at Lazat Restaurant, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

The following feature films will compete under Feature-Length Category:

Delia & Sammy by Therese Cayaba
Mata Tapang by Rod Marmol
The Eternity Between Seconds by Alec Figuracion
Excuse Me Po by Ron Batallones
Poon by Roni Benaid
Hitboy by Bor Ocampo
Kahit Man Lamang Kung Maari by Donalyn Baltazar
Mga Mister ni Rosario by Ronal Allan Habon

The finalists in the Feature-Length Category shall receive a grant amounting to 2 Million Pesos. No grant will be given to Short Feature Category and Digital Content Category finalists. However, cash prizes will be given out to the finalists of the latter two categories.

From more than 140 entries, carefully chosen by the lean and mean selecting committee, festival head of competition Joey Reyes, festival director Madonna Tarrayo, Central Digital Lab’s Manet A. Dayrit, Director Hannah Espia, Director Joel Ruiz, Mr. Lilit Reyes and Philippines Daily Inquirer’s Bayani San Diego.

As for the Short Film and Digital Content Categories, the deadline of submission has been extended to September 30, 2017. 11 student finalists and 11 non-student finalists (Student Sub-Category and Open Short Feature Category respectively) will be selected. 11 finalists will also be selected for the Digital Content Category.

The 3rd CineFilipino Film Festival will run in March 2018.

DELIA & SAMMY by Therese Cayaba

An ill-tempered old actress Delia, has to find family to leave her equally difficult husband with before she dies, forcing themselves back into the lives of people they’ve hurt, estranged and antagonized.

EXCUSE ME PO by Ronald Batallones

Excuse Me Po is the story of Hilda, a 65-year-old Senior Citizen who makes a living out of begging inside and outside of the mall. She worked as an extra in the movies in the 80s. Her acting skills have become handy in turning into a con artist but all because of an ailing husband with Parkinson’s disease. Without Hilda’s knowledge, Ruel, a filmmaker has been observing her M.O. or modus operandi. Ruel approached Hilda to ask if he can turn her life into a film and she agrees. As it turns out, this had become her ticket to playing herself in the movie.

HITBOY by Bor Ocampo

At 13, Hitboy Alex is a full-time kid who plays a game of survival as part-time gun for hire.


In Avenida, the lives of 4 men intertwine, searching for something and they all find what they are looking for in one woman called Aileen.

MATA TAPANG by Rod Marmol

An absolutist soldier who lost an eye in battle opens a new “eye” that makes him see his fallen brother and accomplish their life missions.


Bea is the perfect stage wife to his method actor husband, until he gets the role of a lifetime and threatens to kill her “character”.

POON by Roni Supangan Benaid

Claudia, a religious church servant, experiences horrible things after she bought a religious image, she believes is miraculous.


A depressive motivational speaker, and an anxious Kopino meeting her Korean father for the first time, cross paths in Incheon International Airport, where, together, they attempt to elude time.

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