Julian Trono, Ella Cruz topbill teen romantic comedy ‘Fangirl/Fanboy’

Young dance sensations Julian Trono and Ella Cruz are having their launching movie as a loveteam via “Fangirl/Fanboy,” opening in Philippine cinemas on September 6, 2017.

A Joyce Beran production for Viva Films and N2 productions, this K-Pop-inspired romantic comedy film is the directorial debut of Barry Gonzalez.

Julian plays the role of Ollie Fernandez, a highly confident one-hit boy wonder. He admires Korean actress Soo Mi Young (played by Yam Concepcion) who in turn portrays the character of Sandy/Android 5000 in the Korean drama “Program for Love.” Ella Cruz enters the picture as Aimee, the official dubber of Soo Mi Young. Also in the supporting cast is Ronnie Liang who plays Min Jun Park, the partner of Soo Mi Young in the drama program.

The hilarious and heart-strumming twists and turns begin when Ollie meets his biggest fan, Aimee. He seeks help from her to improve his acting much to her advantage to mingle with her idol. Consequently, Aimee risks on being heartbroken as Ollie is catapulted to stardom.

Catch the newest tandem of Julian Trono and Ella Cruz in the big screen starting September 6, 2017. VIVA Films presents the refreshing story of teen-oriented romantic comedy film “Fangirl/Fanboy.”

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