Beat the holiday rush with these travel hacks from airline pilot Mann Ed Demalata

Christmas is almost here! And if you’re up for traveling during the holiday season, this is something for you!

As the world opened and travel restrictions have eased up, the holiday travel season can get very stressful for both passengers and airlines. Delays and long waits seem inevitable, often resulting in panic and stress taking over fun and enjoyment.

As the travel season kicked in, let us seek tips and tricks from a captain! Airline pilot and content creator Mann Ed Demalata, equipped with more than decade of  flying experience in one of the country’s top airlines, gives useful advice to turn our stress into travel success.

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Here are Captain Demalata’s travel hacks for passengers:

  1. Come to the airport early. Anticipate heavy traffic during the holiday season and give yourself allowance in case of any unforeseen incident at the airport.
  2. Take the earliest flight. Based on experience, early flights are less likely to get  delayed and you have more time for activities when you arrive at your destination. 
  3. Plan ahead. Book your tickets and accommodation in advance. Nothing is more stressful than scrambling to find a roof over your head in another city or a foreign country.  
  4. Travel light to avoid excess baggage. Go for just the essentials.
  5. Expect delays. There are more flights during the holiday season so come prepared for the waiting game. Download games into your mobile phone, set up episodes of your favorite series, or come up with a feel-good travel playlist.
  6. Check the weather forecast. Align your wardrobe with the weather in your destination and types of activities you will be engaging in.
  7. Prepare your Plan B (or C and D). In case of flight cancellations or delays, come up with an alternative plan like traveling by sea and land. 
  8. Customize your luggage and make a marker. Pack your bags on your own to ensure that no prohibited items are included. Put a colorful bow or a unique bag tag that will help you easily recognize your luggage at the baggage counter. There is always a risk of bags getting mixed up as some look identical.
  9. Carry fully charged power banks. Connectivity when traveling is important especially in cases of emergency.
  10. Bring a basic medicine kit. Keeping a few pieces of over-the-counter medicines you can pop in case of a headache, bout of dizziness or nausea, or sudden allergy attack can be life-saving.

Capt. Demalata is on full-service mode during the holidays. He is used not only to a hectic schedule leading up to the holidays but also to working even on Christmas day.

Asked if he has ever spent Christmas flying, Mann Ed said, “Oh, countless times already! But I don’t mind and my family also understands. I consider my job a huge blessing rather than a burden during these times. I remain grateful and happy to be of service!”

Mann Ed Demalata is on Instagram as @pilotoncall and @pilotoncall on TikTok. He  warns social media users of fake accounts.

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