‘Nanahimik ang Gabi’: Heaven is Ian’s mistress in their first team-up

In their first team-up, Heaven Peralejo and Ian Veneracion lead the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022 entry “Nanahimik ang Gabi” (A Silent Night). They are joined by the ever-versatile actor Mon Confiado.

In the film, Ian plays the role of Chief, a corrupt and abusive police officer who plays a role of “sugar daddy” in his relationship to Me-Ann (played by Heaven) — the “sugar baby.”

Heaven’s character plays the mistress of Ian’s character. On the other hand, Mon plays the antagonist.

They all graced the grand media conference of their #MMFF2022 entry, together with their writer-director Shugo Praico. Also in attendance were producers Charm Guzman, and Rein Entertainment co-founders Philip King and former Taguig City Mayor Lino Cayetano. The mediacon was hosted by Ogie Diaz.

This new romantic thriller marks a number of firsts. This is the first team-up of Ian and Heaven who portray lovers whose secret weekend getaway gets interrupted. This is also the first film of Shugo for the annually celebrated Metro Manila Film Festival as well as the first entry of Rein Entertainment as a film production company.

Don’t miss the excitement and suspense with ‘Nanahimik ang Gabi.’ It opens on December 25 in theaters nationwide.

For more updates, follow Rein Entertainment on their social media accounts.

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