Author: Anthony de Ocampo

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Iadya Mo Kami (2016)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Iadya Mo Kami (2016)

    There have been many moments in my life when I felt disappointed. For instance, when I received a clear envelope for a Christmas exchange gift back when I was a kid; or when Alex Turner cut his hair and started pretending like a British Elvis; or when The Hobbit movie came out and it was […]

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Curiosity, Adventure and Love (2016)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Curiosity, Adventure and Love (2016)

    The documentary is perhaps the hardest genre of cinema. Here, when we talk of it, we’re not talking about the TV-style documentary which we regularly see on the National Geographic Channel—the type that almost always does not go beyond the layer of being merely factual. But when we talk of documentary for film, we’re talking […]

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Ringgo: The Dog-Shooter (2016)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Ringgo: The Dog-Shooter (2016)

    One of my favorite poems is “Ode to Clothes” by the great Pablo Neruda. I like the poem precisely because of its use of a peculiar subject matter to convey a larger and more profound meaning. Its genius lies in the fact that it violates the conventions of writing odes–that it always has to be […]

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Ku’te (2016)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Ku’te (2016)

    To be honest, I genuinely don’t like saying bad things about any topic even if I find it absolutely undesirable. Of course, there are some exceptions when it is for the common good that you would say something distasteful, but it’s just that I believe that the world is already full of negativity and I […]



    (Disclaimer: This is not a political article, this is a film review!) In recent times there has been a false dichotomy setup by the lesser informed that if you say you are anti-Martial Law then logically you would fall into the category of someone supporting the yellow family–this, in truth, is quite a terrible analysis. […]

  • Margot Robbie plays tougher Jane in ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

    Margot Robbie plays tougher Jane in ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

    Australian actress Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street, Focus) emerged as a breakout star with her captivating onscreen presence and has quickly become one of the busiest actresses in the industry. Now, she stars as a feisty Jane to Alexander Skarsgård’s “king of the jungle” in Warner Bros. Pictures’ new action-adventure, The Legend of […]

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Blue Bustamante (2013)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Blue Bustamante (2013)

    Miko Livelo’s comedy film Blue Bustamante tells the story of OFW George Bustamante’s (Joem Bascon) travails in Japan where he is accompanied by his sleazy friend Roger (Jun Sabayton) in his quest to find the perfect job. Because of a lack of opportunity, eventually George settles for a stuntman job for a children’s TV show […]

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Memory Channel (2016)

    MOVIE REVIEW: Memory Channel (2016)

    Existentialism is perhaps the most appealing subject to young artists. It’s quite a tempting habit to get into, and it may lead to abuse when you realize how easily you could make yourself appear intelligent with very little effort simply by asking “Why do I exist?” In saying this I think I speak from experience, […]