Sineng Pambansa awards scriptwriting tilt winners

The winners of the Sineng Pambansa Climate Change Scriptwriting Contest were awarded at the Film Development Council of the Philippines on September 17, 2015. The top participants of the Full Length Documentary category and the Short Fiction feature category received their Certificates of Award and claimed their prize earnings.

FDCP Chairman Briccio Santos was on hand to present the winners with their certificates as well as urge them onto creating more of a discourse on the topic of climate change. The advocacy will be strengthened by having the contest become a yearly program. Also, once funds are available, the FDCP will look into the winning scripts to see which are viable for turning into productions.

After over 100 scripts were submitted to the contest, a special selection jury deliberated on the winners of the Full Length Documentary category and the Short Fiction feature category.

The winners of the Full Length Documentary category of the contest were: 1st place – Disigisaw (written by Sheryl Rose M. Andes); 2nd place – Environgers (written by Analisa Puod); and 3rd place – The Water Bearers (written by Mario L. Mendez Jr.). The winners of the Full Length Documentary category received cash prizes of Php 100,000 for first place, Php 50,000 for second place, and Php 25,000 for third place.

As for the Short Fiction feature category, the jury deliberated on a 4-way tie, going to the following scripts: Ang Bisikleta ni Lolo Kiko (written by Maricel C. Cariaga), Ang Dalawahan (written by Vinson Lance S. Gabato), The Assignment (written by Crisanto P. Fuego), and Hukay (written by Marvin C. Gabas). The cash prizes for this category, totaling Php 85,000, were equally distributed amongst the 4 chosen winners. Each winner of the Short Fiction feature category thusly received a cash prize of Php 21,250.


The Climate Change Scriptwriting contest encouraged writers to delve into the urgent and concerning topic of climate change which has had its presence felt more than ever in recent years. These scripts are to be the basis of future short films or full length documentaries that inform and capture people’s imagination, rousing them into action.

The themes of the scripts tackled the various complexities of climate change, ranging from scientific explanations to its impact on the common person. The aim is to instill in the reader, and later on in the viewer, a consciousness that is second nature and urges them to confront such issues.

The contest was conceptualized through FDCP’s Sineng Pambansa program and its belief in the multifaceted effort it takes to transform awareness into action through audiovisual presentations. Cinema, a cultural agent like no other, is adept at evoking urgency on a mass scale and can contribute to inspiring the advocacy of mitigating climate change for the betterment of our communities.

The contest took place earlier in the year, with a submission deadline of March 6, 2015 for both types of script categories. Winners were originally announced last July 6, 2015.

Photo above: L to R: Winners Maricel C. Cariaga, Sheryl Andes, Analisa Puod, Mario L. Mendez Jr., Vinson Gabato, and Marvin Gabas. Not present at the ceremony was Mr. Crisanto P. Fuego.

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