Now on its second year, the Argentine Film Festival will run from August 18 to 21: Cinema 4 of Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Argentine cinema takes center stage at Shang with a rich and diverse line-up for the Argentine Film Festival. The upcoming showcase presents a string of contemporary films ranging from romantic comedy, poignant drama, to exciting crime thriller.

Screening Schedules


Featured Films

Noir novelist Betibú is called upon to investigate the death of a rich businessman who was suspected of killing his wife years ago, but was found with his throat slit in his luxurious apartment. As she digs deeper into the case, our heroine realizes the bigger story: more murders of powerful men with a dark past.

Goya Award Nominee The Man Next Door is a light-hearted look into privilege through the tale of two very different men – a successful designer and a used car salesman. Though displaying a huge gap in status, wealth and personality, these guys have one thing in common – a wall. And when one decides to hack a hole right on it, a feud hilariously ensues.

The Cannes multi-award winning film La Patota is a contemporary remake of a 1960s Argentinian classic. The contemplative drama revolves around socially conscious teacher Paulina, her unconventional response to being sexually assaulted, and the complexity of the aftershocks that extend well beyond just the victim.

Postmodern romantic comedy Sidewalls takes part mostly in the digital world. Martin and Mariana are two strangers, both a little bit deranged, lonely and neurotic, but adorable nonetheless. The film follows the seemingly perfect pair as they go through their days, musing on their inability to find love in the city, all while living right across each other.

The intriguing plot of Fermin: Glories of Tango makes it a must see. Fermin is an 85-year-old patient being treated for PTSD at a public facility, and he only speaks in lyrics of old tango songs. A young psychiatrist takes on the curious case, and in the process, begins to recount Fermin’s life in 1940s Buenos Aires and the joys, love, death, and betrayal that made him how he is.

A film that urges viewers to take a deeper look into relationships, The Mystery of Happiness depicts the disappearance of one man and its effect on his best friend and his wife. As a detective goes searching for the missing Eugenio, his best friend who seems closer than a brother to him and his wife realize that there’s more to Eugenio than they knew.

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