GUIDE: German Film Week 2016

Showcasing the best new releases in contemporary German cinema, the Goethe-Institut Philippinen in partnership with Ayala Cinemas presents German Film Week 2016—the first all-German film event in the Philippines in recent years. Regular screenings will run from September 22 to 27 at the Glorietta 4 and TriNoma cinemas.


Tickets are priced at PHP 100 and are available via SureSeats.com or at the mall cinema counters.

Screening Schedules

Opening Film

September 21 (Wednesday) • 7:00 PM  • Glorietta 4

Opening the event is the star-studded WHO AM I – No System Is Safe (WHO AM I – Kein System ist sicher) by director Baran bo Odar.

Featured Films

The Film Week is comprised of 13 hand-picked features released in the last two years.

Who Am I – No System Is Safe

Who Am I – Kein System ist sicher : Gifted hacker Benjamin is an outsider who only feels at home in the virtual reality. When he makes the acquaintance of charismatic Max, he gets the chance to demonstrate his talent to a wider audience: Max introduces Benjamin to the hacker collective CLAY (Clowns Laughing At You), which he runs with his friends Stephan and Paul. Eschewing political goals, they want to grab attention with fun guerrilla actions. Yet as they increasingly gain popularity in the web community, the young hackers become more and more daring. Source: http://www.filmportal.de

2014 | 106mins | English Subtitles
21.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta
23.SEP 7:00PM – TriNoma
27.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta

24 Weeks

24 Wochen : Astrid is a comedian who makes people laugh for a living; her husband Markus is her manager and the two of them work well together. They have a nine-year-old daughter and are expecting their second child. When they learn that their child will not be born healthy, they are at first optimistic that they will be able to meet this challenge – although they have no idea what awaits them. But the closer it gets to the due date, the more Astrid begins to worry about the future of her unborn child as well as that of her family and her career. After many discussions and arguments Astrid realises that the decision that will affect all their lives must be made by her alone. Source: 66. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)

2016 | 102mins | English Subtitles
24.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta
25.SEP 9:30PM – TriNoma

As We Were Dreaming

Als wir träumten : The Leipzig suburbs, shortly after the collapse of East Germany. Rico, Daniel, Paul and Mark, until recently still Pioneers in their red neckerchiefs, are growing up in the maelstrom of the newly reunited country. Yesterday’s rules no longer count today. They turn night into day and the streets into an adventure playground. Screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase and director Andreas Dresen have condensed the 2006 multi-award-winning debut novel from Leipzig author Clemens Meyer into a cinematic parable about friendship and betrayal, hope and illusion, brutality and tenderness. They tell the story of a lost youth and at the same time present a tale of rebellion and the perpetual Utopian dream of great happiness. Source: 65. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)

2015 | 117mins | English Subtitles | Award : Berlinale 2015
23.SEP 9:30PM – TriNoma
27.SEP 9:30PM – Glorietta

The Colony

Colonia Dignidad : The Chilean coup of 1973. The masses are out on the street, protesting against General Pinochet. Amongst them, Daniel and Lena, a young couple, which, like many others, gets arrested by Pinochet’s secret police. Shortly thereafter, Daniel finds himself trapped in a secret interrogation camp located underground, beneath the infamous Colonia Dignidad, a German sect following the leadership of the notorious Paul Schäfer. Desperate to rescue her boyfriend, Lena joins the mysterious cult, hoping to find Daniel there and make their way out. They eventually embark on a dramatic escape. Based on true events. Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH

2015 | 110mins | English Subtitles
25.SEP 7:00PM – TriNoma
26.SEP 9:30PM – Glorietta

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Die dunkle Seite des Mondes : Urs Blank’s job as a high finance attorney negotiating corporate mergers has made him a prestigious member of society. But a life devoid of all conventions is just a short trip away on hallucinogenic mushrooms. The experience unexpectedly brings his dark side to the fore – and thus calls into question everything Blank previously stood for. The film is an adaptation of Martin Suter’s eponymous bestselling book. Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH

2015 | 97mins | English Subtitles | Award : Berlinale 2016
23.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta
24.SEP 7:00PM – TriNoma

Head Full Of Honey

Honig im Kopf : Pensioner Amandus lives together with his grown-up son Niko and his eleven-year-old granddaughter Tilda. The three get along perfectly, and especially lively Tilda and her benevolent granddad have a special bond. But then Amandus begins to show signs of dementia, and when his condition continues to get worse, Niko realizes that he can’t take care of his father alone anymore and decides to move Amandus into a nursing home. When she learns of this decision, Tilda is devastated. On the top of her head, she kidnaps her beloved granddad and takes him on an eventful trip in order to fulfill his biggest dream: to visit Venice once more in his lifetime. Source: http://www.filmportal.de

2014 | 139mins | English Subtitles
22.SEP 9:30PM – Glorietta
26.SEP 9:30PM – TriNoma

Hördur: Between The Worlds

Hördur: Zwischen den Welten : German Turkish girl Aylin is 16 years old and lives in a socially deprived borough of Mannheim. Again and again she stands out with aggressive behaviour. When she comes into conflict with the law, she is sentenced to community work at a riding school. At first the teenager shows very little interest in the work, but the handling of the stubborn iceland horse “Hördur” changes her attitude gradually. Gaining confidence she seems willing to start over her life. But then her strict father prohibits the riding and announces the return of the whole family to Turkey…

2015 | 84mins | English Subtitles
25.SEP 4:00PM – Glorietta

I’m Off Then

Ich bin dann mal weg : Overweight, overworked, and disenchanted, German comedian and TV star Hape realizes he can’t keep on this way. He takes a six-month sabbatical, and embarks on a pilgrimage on the St. James’ Way, the famed path to Santiago de Compostela. He sets out in search of… what, exactly? God? Truth? Peace? Himself? A film about finding and seeking – sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes moving and emotional. Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH

2015 | 92mins | English Subtitles
22.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta
26.SEP 7:00PM – TriNoma

Labyrinth Of Lies

Im Labyrinth des Schweigens : Germany 1958. Reconstruction, economic miracle. Johann Radmann has just recently been appointed Public Prosecutor and has to content himself with boring traffic offenses. When the journalist Thomas Gnielka causes a ruckus in the courthouse, Radmann pricks up his ears: a friend of Gnielka’s identified a teacher as a former Auschwitz guard, but no one is interested in prosecuting him. Radmann begins to examine the case – and lands in a web of repression and denial, but also of idealization. Source: German Film Service & Marketing GmbH

2014 | 123mins | English Subtitles
25.SEP 9:30PM – Glorietta
27.SEP 9:30PM – TriNoma

Stations Of The Cross

Kreuzweg : Maria finds herself caught between two worlds. At school this 14-year-old girl has all the typical teenage interests, but when she’s at home with her family she follows the teachings of the Society of St. Pius XII and their traditionalist interpretation of Catholicism. Everything that Maria thinks and does must be examined before God. And since the Lord is a strict shepherd, she lives in constant fear of committing some misconduct. Desperate to please everyone, Maria soon finds herself trapped in the crossfire. How can she reconcile her feelings for a fellow pupil with her vow to maintain purity of heart in her love for God? Will the Lord demand a tremendous sacrifice so that her brother can be healed from his sickness? Source: 64. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)

2014 | 110mins | English Subtitles
22.SEP 9:30PM – TriNoma
24.SEP 9:30PM – Glorietta

Meteor Street

Meteorstraße : Mohammed is 18. Having fled from the war in Lebanon to Germany, he is now trying to find his way in a world of men: there is the gruff boss of the motorbike garage where he helps out; the co-worker who tells stories of his experiences in the Foreign Legion; and above all Lakhdar (27), his eccentric and reckless brother. Between a precarious work situation and the hope for an apprenticeship, between heroic stories about comradeship from his co-workers and his own memories of war, between the good and increasingly mad ravings and words of advice from his brother, the young Palestinian has to ask himself the question: what does it actually mean to be a man? Source: 66. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)

2016 | 84mins | English Subtitles | Award : Berlinale 2016
26.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta
27.SEP 7:00PM – TriNoma

Rough Road Ahead

Von jetzt an kein zurück : Martin and Ruby have burned their bridges. They are on the run. Ruby’s father is an irredeemable tyrant, strictly Catholic, stamped by his wartime experiences and the prevalent morality of the post-war period of reconstruction. Ruby, for obvious reasons, does not dare reveal her love for Martin. Martin loves Rimbaud and dreams of being an author, an author whose literary works will move and change the world. Ruby is passionately into music. She and Martin meet secretly as often as they can, but every passing day makes their situation only more intolerable. The noose around their necks starts slowly to tighten. They make a run for it but the dream is short. Source: German films Service & Marketing GmbH

2014 | 109mins | English Subtitles
22.SEP 7:00PM – TriNoma
25.SEP 7:00PM – Glorietta


A woman has a strange encounter on her way to work: She finds herself gazing into a wild pair of eyes, and it seems that her entire life hitherto has been a joke. She can’t forget that instant and becomes a hunter who indeed finally manages to lock a wild wolf in her high-rise apartment. Now she herself begins to assume a new identity, one that breaks with all the fetters of bourgeois life. Strangely, this pleases the people around her, particularly her boss… It seems they all share her secret yearning. Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH

2015 | 97mins | English Subtitles | Official Selection : Sundance Film Festival
23.SEP 9:30PM – Glorietta
24.SEP 9:30PM – TriNoma

There will be a VOTE AND WIN contest wherein audiences can vote for their favorite film for a chance to win special prizes.

The German Film Week is made possible through the partnership with Ayala Cinemas and the support of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

For more information, visit www.Goethe.de/Manila, or contact program@manila.goethe.org.

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