Why John Lloyd Cruz almost cursed after watching ‘Apocalyse Child’

Matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz and blockbuster directors Jerrold Tarog and Erik Matti are among the many admirers of “Apocalypse Child,” a sexy drama about a surfing instructor’s search for his real father and his real self. The movie opens in cinemas nationwide on October 26. The award-winning Filipino film stars an acclaimed cast (Sid Lucero, RK Bagatsing, Gwen Zamora, Ana Abad Santos, Annicka Dolonius, Archie Alemania), features the breathtaking Baler seascape, and a very intriguing premise.

“Apocalypse Child” tells the story of Ford (played by Sid Lucero), a surfing instructor in Baler who is supposedly the love child of Chona (portrayed by Ana Abad Santos) with American director Francis Ford Copolla who shot the film, “Apocalypse Now” in Baler during the 1970s. One summer, the adult Ford needs to confront his true identity when his childhood friend, Rich (RK Bagatsing), now a congressman, returns to Baler with fiancee Serena (Gwen Zamora). Ford teaches Serena how to surf and this upsets Fiona (Annicka Dolonius), a budding surfer who has fallen in love with Ford.

Since its success at the 3rd QCinema International Film Festival where it won Best Picture, “Apocalypse Child” has captured the minds and hearts of viewers here and abroad. The film has been screened in international filmfests in Italy, New York, Korea, Hawaii, Warsaw, and Ireland. It has played to SRO previews in various local venues such as Pineapple Lab in Makati.


Producers Arkeo Films and Skinny People Productions intially planned to continue the series of screenings but eventually decided on a wide commercial release. “The response of the audience has been overwhelming. There is passionate love for the film,” says director and co-writer Mario Cornejo. “Every time we showed it, people would ask us, ‘When are you going to show it in theaters?’ They want to watch the movie again and bring along their family and friends.”

Actor John Lloyd Cruz and directors Jerrold Tarog and Erik Matti, are just some of those who’ve seen it and have given their “two thumbs up” (along with the Cinema Evaluation Board that gave “Apocalypse Child” a grade of “A.”)

Co-writer and producer Monster Jimenez relates that John Lloyd quietly attended the Pineapple Lab screening of “Apocalypse Child” last August. After watching, he texted his reaction to a friend who passed the message to Monster. “Absolutely stunning and original. One of the best I’ve seen this year. — but what I really wanna say is ‘P*tang Ina! Ang ganda!!”

Jerrold, the director of box-office indie “Heneral Luna” has been posting about “Apocalypse Child” on Facebook page, long before the announcement of the commercial release, urging his friends and followers to watch it. He said, “It’s a rare Pinoy film that gets the dynamics of complex relationships just right. Very real and honest. One of the best local films ever made.”


Erik was already raving about “Apocalypse Child” in its work-in-progress status and more so when he saw the final cut. Erik said, “As soon as the movie starts with the voice-over talking about myths, I knew I was in for a really good ride.” Direk Erik described “Apocalypse Child” as “alluring, unpredictable, strange and poignant. Mario and Monster craft a film with great performances, editing and cinematography.” Moreover, he praised Mario by saying, “(He) is one of the few Filipino directors who know how to use the elements of film other than just having a good script in hand.”

One viewer who certainly loves the surfing film is actress and former beauty queen Dindi Gallardo whom Monster reveals “Must have seen the movie at least three times!” Dindi told Monster, “It’s a naturalistic film that’s absorbing and powerfully acted.”

“Apocalypse Child” is rated R-16 by the MTRCB and is distributed by Solar Entertainment.

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