MOVIE REVIEW: Allied (2016)

Allied is as old-fashioned as how it seems with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard bringing in their own distinctive atmospheres. Their chemistry does not sink in quickly but they go ahead and make the job done.

During World War II, Canadian intelligence officer Max (Pitt) is paired with a French resistance fighter, Marianne (Cotillard). After a threatening mission in Africa, they meet again in London and romance blossomed in their relationship. When Max is given info that Marianne might be a spy for the Germans, his military superiors order him to kill her once proven guilty.

Pitt and Cotillard’s characters in Allied pale in comparison with those of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the 1942 film Casablanca. The on-screen magic of the latter is nowhere near but there is sufficient charm to pull through this new film. There is an obvious attempt to a have a fresh take on the setting under the helm of Robert Zemeckis, for which many are thankful for his long list of brilliant titles such as Back to the Future and Forrest Gump. As for Allied, the elaboration is too tedious and the endgame is as not as fresh as expected.

What comes to mind in the first section of Allied, though, is that satisfaction for the overall buildup. Beyond the sophistication of the set designs and costumes could be an enthralling path devoid of further comparisons to tales of the same theme. There is even this grueling longing for it to have the same feel as Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Brad Pitt was then paired to Angelina Jolieonly to realize eventually that only one of them would be ordered to kill the other.

It’s quite interesting to note how the launch of the film’s trailer coincided with the announcement of the split between Pitt and Jolie, breaking many hearts of Brangelina fans. This event made it possible for Marion Cotillard’s name to be dragged into a mud of rumors. It also gave a round of buzz for their new film despite its actual lack of solid moments to hold on to. Surely, the sex scenes are steamy. That one when they are trapped in a car during a sandstorm is delightful to a degree, but the rest are bland and repetitive in ensuring that there is indeed a romantic whirlwind. For a film set in wartime, Allied is too quiet and bloodless, too safe and on the brink of falling flat.

The film simply enables itself to deliver, however lacking it is in rendering a memorable piece of wartime love story. Some might say that Pitt is a miscast and Cotillard is unexciting with him, but the result displays that they are definitely two dependable actors who can make the awkward not awkward.

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