After ‘X’ rating from MTRCB, Jerrold Tarog’s ‘Bliss’ to screen for free at UP Cine Adarna

It’s bound to happen—a screening of Jerrold Tarog’s newest movie, Bliss, in a venue outside the jurisdiction of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) after its ‘X’ rating.

The special screening of Bliss is scheduled on Monday, April 3, at Cine Adarna at UP Diliman. Limited seats are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration starts at 5 PM and screening is at 6:30 PM.

Due to adult themes, strong language, and scenes of graphic nudity, violence, and sexuality, no one under 18 years of age will be admitted. Only those with valid ID with proof of date of birth will be allowed to view the film.

Last Tuesday, the MTRCB gave an X rating to the psychological thriller starring Iza Calzado and Ian Veneracion, banning it from being exhibited to the public. Iza recently won Best Performer at the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival.

According to Iza’s talent manager, Noel Ferrer, the rating was due to “explicit nudity scenes.”

Based on the current rules of MTRCB, these are the reasons for an ‘X’ rating:

  • The average person, applying contemporary community standards and values, would find that the dominant theme of the work, taken as a whole appeals solely to the prurient interest and satisfies only the craving for gratuitous sex and/or violence.
  • The film depicts in a patently lewd, offensive, or demeaning manner, excretory functions and sexual conduct such as sexual intercourse, masturbation and exhibition of the genitals.
  • The film clearly constitutes an attack against any race, creed, or religion.
  • The film condones or encourages the use of illegal drugs and substances.
  • The film tends to undermine the faith and confidence of the people in their government and/or duly-constituted authorities.
  • The film glorifies criminals or condones crimes.
  • The film is libelous or defamatory to the good name and reputation of any person, whether living or dead.
  • The film may constitute contempt of court or of a quasi-judicial tribunal, or may pertain to matters which are subjudicial in nature.”

Tarog has an impressive lineup of works as a director, writer, editor, and musical scorer. He helmed the highly acclaimed movies Heneral Luna and Sana Dati.

A production of TBA, Artikulo Uno, and Quantum Films, Bliss is supposed to open on May 10. Producers are still in the process of appealing for a second review.

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