WATCH: Trailer for barkada movie ‘Walwal’ poses questions on why we get wasted

The trailer for the new barkada film ‘Walwal’ has just been released by Regal Entertainment. It stars Elmo Magalona, Kiko Estrada, Jerome Ponce, and introduces Donny Pangilinan, with Devon Seron, Kisses Delavin, Jane De Leon, Sophia Senoron. Watch the full trailer below.

Dondi (Elmo Magalona), Marco (Kiko Estrada) , Intoy (Jerome Ponce), and Bobby (Donny Pangilinan), are friends since high school now college sophomores. They are bound together by the wealth of their past experiences and their natural love for the good times. The boys share a bond so close to each other that they will do anything to protect the members of the group as they traverse the most critical period of their growing up lives. Unknown to them their sophomore year was one such pivotal phase.  Each one in the group confronted a major dilemma which would determine their sense of direction for the rest of their lives. Find out their own definition of Walwaland the lessons they can learn from YOLO “You Only Live Once”.

Why do we get wasted? To be cool? To make memories? To forget? To empathize? Find out all the reasons why teenagers these days get wasted.

Directed by Jose Javier Reyes, ‘Walwal’ opens June 27 in Philippine cinemas.

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