Latest car racer ‘Wheely’ from Asian animation studio comes to Philippine cinemas

Meet the fast and hilarious Wheely, a three-time champion street racer in Gasket City who attempts to be king of the road in his hometown until he discovers that staying true to oneself is a greater pursuit than personal glory.

After breaking down during the most important race of his life, Wheely then takes a job as a taxi while dabbling in street sprinting where he unexpectedly crashes with Bella di Monetti, the face of Motor City. They soon hit it off on the road while discovering a car-napping syndicate with Wheely’s best friend, Putt Putt, a Chinese hybrid delivery scooter. Rising to the occasion despite threats by elitist syndicates and mobster trucks, they soon ride the race of their lives to save their hometown.

From KRU Studios one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Malaysia, “Wheely” is directed by award-winning action and visual effects director Yusry Halim – who won numerous domestic awards including Best Film (Clash of Empires).

“Wheely” opens in cinemas on September 12 from CrystalSky Multimedia.

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