Gonzaga sisters set fun, sisterhood, love in MMFF entry ‘Mary, Marry Me’

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 is a few days away and TEN17P presents a TINCAN production that brings Toni and Alex Gonzaga together in their first movie together this Christmas. After only being seen together in guestings, endorsements and on TV projects in the past, Toni and Alex are debuting in the big screen with a project that redefines a film made from a family for the Filipino family.


Mary, Marry Me is the merriest movie wedding of the year and it tells of the story of Mary Jane (Toni) and her estranged younger sister Mary Anne (Alex) who is set to marry the former’s ex-boyfriend Pete (Sam Milby). Despite the initial hesitation, Mary Jane’s commitment to make up to her sister has enabled her to set aside her uneasiness with her ex-boyfriend as she agreed to plan their wedding. The film is set to focus on family and sisterhood. Director RC delos Reyes is excited to share this very sincere film that would make the audiences love the family more.

The Gonzaga Siblings are finally making their long time dream a reality with “Mary, Marry, Me.” Toni is returning into the big screen more than a year since her dark-romance film “Last Night” and in this film, according to the actress, we’ll see a different Toni among its other films. While Alex is coming from her successful independent film “Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka” to trending vlogs and trending dance craze and now MMFF movie. Sharing the camera for the silver screen has both been easy and difficult for the Sissums. They fight and argue in simplest things but both can still see the best in each other. They were able to draw strength from each other and their own tight-knit relationship. Yet at the same time, they’ve also stepped on each other’s toes quite a few times on the set since they know each other too well.

Making the film extra special are the happenings that fans have been waiting for. There’s the reunion of the blockbuster Sam-Tin tandem after 10 years.Sam and Toni have brought ‘kilig’ to their legions of fans through the films “You Are the One” (2006), “You Got Me” (2007) and “My Big Love” (2008). This year it’ll be more exciting for they were joined by Toni’s sister, Alex and other reliable comedians like Bayani Agbayani, Moi Bien and Melai Cantiveros. It’s going to be exciting for the film’s goal is to make the audience love and value the family more.

Support this year’s entries of Metro Manila Film Festival but don’t forget to watch “Mary, Marry, Me” for it will bring a lot of fun and rivalry of sisterhood that would touch the hearts of families this Christmas.

Mary, Marry Me is produced by TINCANp under Ten17p. Directed by RC delos Reyes Starring Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga and Sam Milby with Bayani Agbayani, Moi Bien and Melai Cantiveros. Opens December 25 in PH cinemas.

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