‘Mary, Marry Me’ review: Fun-filled with love and rivalry

RC delos Reyes puts up the tandem of Gonzaga sisters in a feel-good family film this MMFF 2018 through Mary, Marry Me.

‘Mary, Marry Me’ is all about family and sisterhood. It tells the story of Mary Jane (Toni Gonzaga), and her younger sister Mary Anne (Alex) who is set to marry the former’s ex-boyfriend, Pete (Sam Milby). Despite the initial hesitation, Mary Jane’s commitment to make up to her sister has enabled her to set aside her uneasiness with her ex-boyfriend as she agrees to plan their wedding. With all set for the wedding, Mary Jane has to face everything in spite of her own hesitations, while facing her own issues with her sister.

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 is finally here and ‘Mary, Marry, Me’ brings a lot of fun, love, and sisterly rivalry—bound to touch the hearts of families this Christmas. The film brings real-life sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga in their first movie together. After being visible in guestings, endorsements and TV projects in the past, Toni and Alex are now seen on the big screen. The Gonzaga siblings made their long-time dream come true and give it away to people this Christmas. The product is shy of any disappointment since they really have the chemistry.

Alex Gonzaga, Sam Milby, and Toni Gonzaga in the romantic comedy film MARY, MARRY ME.

The overall feel of the movie is pleasing to the senses. Its engaging mix of humor and drama makes it easy to take while concentrating on the values of family. It is emotionally heartfelt through and through.

The cast makes the film extra special. There’s the reunion of the blockbuster Sam-Tin tandem after 10 years (‘My Big Love’). Without spoiling, Sam and Toni have brought ‘kilig’ again to their legions of fans throughout the film. (It was also during those lovely moments in the movie that the fans who attended the premiere night were cheering the most.) ‘Mary, Marry Me’ is brave enough to present a more mature loveteam, anchored by an ever-versatile Alex Gonzaga. With the support of reliable comedians like Bayani Agbayani, Moi Bien and Melai Cantiveros, laugh-out-loud banters are all around to supplement laughter to the audience.

‘Mary, Marry Me’ is a film to look out for at this year’s MMFF. It touches the heart of the Filipino family and it would make you fall in love with yours more.

5 out of 5 stars

Mary, Marry Me is produced by TINCANp under Ten17p. Directed by RC delos Reyes. Starring Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga and Sam Milby, with Bayani Agbayani, Moi Bien and Melai Cantiveros. Opens December 25 in PH cinemas.


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